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Moments of the Week

Posted Jul 26 2012 5:16am

Here are a few of this weeks happenings:

1. I made my mom a cake for her birthday and topped it simply with a cookie cutter set on the frosting and add sprinkles to make a fun sail-boat shape!


2. Had the girls for dinner


To celebrate Jackie being in town from where she lives, outside of Paris, for the week.


3. Took my little helper blueberry picking.


She did a great job picking only the blue ones. I was super impressed. It’s also her 2957 time blueberry picking.


4. Enjoyed the not-quite-flat water for a morning ski at the lake on Sunday


5. Rocked my new Nordstrom Rack tank that doesn’t at all show how drenched I was from teaching a class this week.


6. Ran with Kara then hung out with Dana and Jackie while Anna played with her new best friend and Lego buddy, Jack.


7. Watched my mom + dad’s baby birds hatch. The doves made a nest in their back door plant and have just come out of their shells. Pretty amazing.


8. Hit up the swings for some quality time with my chatterbox.


9. Supported Oakland, even though we hate that Kevin and Linds live so far away.



Being thrown up on when I walked into Heinen’s yesterday afternoon.

That would be vomit, covering me. From head to toe. In my hair. In my toes. In my underwear.


Talk about embarrassing moment. Luckily the people at Heinen’s were fantastic and super helpful and didn’t act like they minded that we soaked the entire entrance of their store.


And even more lucky that Anna is feeling ok and it was as if she just needed to get something out of her little system. She picked a great spot to do it.

If you see us at your Heinen’s on the west side – you will know why.


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