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Mission Accomplished

Posted Nov 26 2010 12:00am

Hey everyone! I hope you all had tasty and fun Thanksgivings.. I’m actually celebrating it tonight… I know, weird, but it worked out better for everyone, so I’m excited about that. Although I must say I am probably the only person on this planet who doesn’t like Thanksgiving food.. anyone with me on this one?! I mean turkey is okay, but its nothing to rave about.. and I’m not the biggest fan of all the side dishes our family makes, so we’ll see how it goes tonight!

The other day I had an INTENSE craving for chocolate. DARK, DEEP, LUXURIOUS chocolate, but I didn’t have ANY. I found some milk chocolate in the cupboard, but I can’t stand milk chocolate.. dark is the only way I can roll. At the same time, I didn’t just want a chocolate bar, I wanted some fudgy and chewy dark chocolate bliss. So, what did I do? I created my OWN!

I’m still astonished at how EASY and DELICIOUS these baby balls turned out.

Here’s what I did:

For ONE ball combine: 1.5 tbsp cocoa powder, 1 tbsp agave, splash vanilla extract, splash of water:

Wrap up in cling film:

then FREEZE! I left mine overnight, but I think a couple hours will do.. when they’re done you have this!

And they are SO good. They hit the spot! Rich, Dark chocolaty goodness for only 35 calories each! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Of course I put one on my oatmeal the next morning, and then again this morning…

Hopefully you can spot the little cut up pieces along with a Protein Muffin , Naturally More, flax and SF maple syrup! This was actually oat bran.. I’ve been wanting to try it and finally found some the other day! It tastes JUST like grits.. I like!

This week I’ve also tried microwaving some berries in my oatmeal.. inspired by the beautiful Meg

This was BEFORE toppings of course!

I’ve also been enjoying MnM Salad Platters…

oh yeah.. thats GOOD

and my favorite.. TART SOFT SERVE with pomegranate! I hadn’t had this in ages, but I was definitely reminded of its AMAZINGness when I enjoyed this baby…

This morning I created my own Pumpkin Spice muffins for my Thanksgiving dessert tonight! As you all know I’m really not a fan of cakes, pies and sugary stuff- I try to recreate healthier versions! I pretty much threw this stuff in a bowl and hoped for the best!

Pumpkin Spice Muffins

1/2 cup canned pumpkin

1/4 cup wheat bran

2 egg whites

1 tsp ground cloves, cinnamon and ginger

1 tsp EACH baking soda and baking powder

splash vanilla extract

dash of natural sweetener

a few raisins

MIX it all together like so:

bake at 375F for about 12 minutes!

I can’t wait to dig into these tonight- they smell DELICIOUS I’ll probably top them with some yogurt or SF syrup! What’s even better is that this whole batch is less than 150 calories! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Alright, I’m off to be lazy all day before our Thanksgiving meal! Before I go, here are my moves for the week.. I took it pretty easy… I had food poisoning this week, which messed my body up :(

Monday: 20 min run, abs

Tuesday 25 min run, abs

Wednesday 30 min run, abs

Thursday: abs

Friday: 20 minute run, abs

I know, I have the MOST exciting workouts…

Happy Black Friday everyone!

What did you guys accomplish this week!?

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