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Posted Jun 08 2011 2:08pm
Sorry for being MIA all of yesterday!  We literally were on the move from the time we got up till the time we went to bed!  And when we finally got home last night from our outings I had no energy to sit and blog, I know I was in a lazy mood!
My day yesterday started with a mind clearing 5 mile run (it was just a feel good running day).  I went nice and early since this was the high yesterday.  
My run felt amazing and left me with a clear mind the rest of the day!  Everyone was up when I got back from my run, so I enjoyed breakfast and coffee with everyone, before heading out to get my haircut!  Look what Mark had for breakfast yesterday!   Yes that is a very Hilliary Breakfast of oatmeal, peanut butter and Puffins!  He said it wasn't bad, but I am not sure he is hooked on eating his oats like this!
We left shortly after lunch time and headed to Lanesboro Minnesota for some biking!  Remember how I mentioned that the high was 100 degrees yesterday!  Ya, it was a hot hot ride.  We were hoping to be able to bike to a pie place in Whalen Minnesota.  Unfortunately the bike path leading to Whalen and the pie shop were closed yesterday so we settled for nice cold ice cream when we finished our 10 mile bike ride!  
Ready for a picture montage of yesterday? Are you excited to see all of our adventures?  You better be!!!Don't we look cute getting ready for our bike ride!  Trust me I was already sweating just standing there! Mark flashed his cute face for the camera before we set out on our bikes! Mark loves bike riding! I decided to stop and take pictures while my parents and Mark rode ahead!   There was some great scenery!

Look at us on our bikes, all ready to make the 5 mile trek back to get ice cream! Mark was really excited that he got homemade root beer finally (he was craving it all the way to Minnesota) and ice cream! None other then the best ice cream ever!  Strawberry Cheesecake and Turtle Ice Cream!Much deserved after a sweaty 5 mile run, and a 10 mile bike ride! When we arrived back at home all sweaty and stinky we sat around for a bit and finally got ready for We ate at a neat little Mediterranean place called Nupa's I had a hefty portion of grilled veggies (they looked at me pretty funny when I ordered more veggies with my veggie platter)!  After dinner we stopped and enjoyed some smoking martinis, at 300 First (a family favorite)! How cool is that?  It was called a Color Me Red.  It had pomegranate liquor in it and Raspberry Vodka and some other stuff too!  It was yummy, and the dry ice smoke always makes for a fun touch!
Anyways we are just relaxing and enjoying our last day in Minnesota.  We head back to Indianapolis tomorrow to officially move me out of my apartment.  It is an odd feeling, and I have had several melt downs about leaving Mark and being 9 hours away from a life I have been living now for almost 6 years.  A lot of adjustments are in store for me, hopefully I can handle them all.  Until dinner time enjoy your afternoon, I know I will.  And remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!
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