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Menu Swap: September 21st

Posted Sep 21 2009 10:02pm
I began this post with "Today is not going to be a good day" and, of course, I was right. Apparently my panic attack this morning that lurcked me awake was, rather, a premenition of what was to come. As for the panic attack, the only cause I can think of is a side effect of the skullcap that I’m taking to prevent anxiety. Two of the side effects are confusion and heart palpitations, so, I think I need to return to my St John’s Wart, or, look for another one of the slew of herbs available on the market to prevent or reduce anxiety. To a degree, I see myself as a test subject for my future patients. As I learn now, I can later counsel with first hand experience under my wing. Sometimes hearing a relation settles the nerve of another, which did happen to me a few days ago. As I stated before, my class was canceled due to the lack of priority over other classes. One of the participants came in for her refund and we started talking.

She was diagnosed with celiac’s disease four years ago and is just going on day by day like we all are. Some days are hard, some days are great. Hearing the same thing that I feel coming directly from someone else’s mouth just pacified the questions within me and proved to me that I’m not crazy, nor, that I’m making up something that I feel. All the dizziness and nausea and heartburn – it’s all real and its part of what I endure, daily. I know I suffer due to my environment still containing massive amounts of gluten, but thankfully, that will change in a few months because we have our house. The contract was signed and the loan was approved. My house – our house – will be free of gluten, safe, and clean. It will be the headquarters of a new life, a new world, and eventually my business. Yay! Now all I need is a steady job and I’ll be fine. Unfortunately, the business isn’t doing so well, so, I need to find a job as the future looks dim – again. Blah Of course, I get called in today after babysitting from the manager who was in minor hysteria that the store was closed today since, the individual who was to do the scheduling, didn't schedule anyone for today. So, after I finished babysitting for my aunt, I came in, threw junk into a bag, and ran out the door - an hour later, I was there.

Thankfully, to keep my sanity in check, Wendy, at Celiac’s in the House, decided that pumpkin as the ingredient of the week and I love her for it. To me, nothing beats pumpkin. It is easily digestible, yummy, and nutritious. I wrote about the kabocha squash, a Japanese pumpkin, but never about the normal American (rather Native American squash) known as the pumpkin. From long ago, the name pumpkin originated from the Greek, pepon, which means large melon. If you think about it, it kinda explains why the seeds are called pepitas. Once introduced to the French, it was called pompon and the British referred to it as pumpion. Pepon, pompon – by any other name it is still good. According to the wikipedia along with other sources, which had me vaguely surprised, was that pumpkin falls into the fruit category. So pumpkin isn’t a vegetable, but exactly what the Greeks name it to be – a melon – and the pies we eat are literally fruit pies. So, apparently, I’m more addicted to fruit than I primarily thought.

Pumpkins, as obvious as it seems, is chock full of beta carotene due to its rich orange skin. Beta-carotene is known to be a means of protection against cancer, protection of cells against free radicals, and, the promotion of anti-aging factors in addition to supplying the body with antioxidants. The University of Illinois Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (phew!) supplies a table with the entire nutritional breakdown of pumpkin in various states. The best nutrient containing form of pumpkin is consuming pureed pumpkin, but, that’s only due to volumetrics. You consume more of it in a pureed state as it is broken down into an easier consumable form. In every way, pumpkin supplies a hefty means of potassium, vitamin A, calcium, moderate amount of fiber, and deliciousness as a whole.

So throughout my week, even as dessert, I shall be dining fine upon le grande gourd. It’s only better that Kroger has the gourds going ridiculously cheap, so, I’m stocking up and up and up and up. Why? It’s not like it’ll hurt me or as if I’m binging on candy. I’m actually binging on something that’s good for me – whoa.. Finally, I’m also dipping into raw vegan foods again and, you know what? My stomach has actually been good i.e low acid. Gee, maybe that’s telling me something..

Weekly Menu for September 21st
[Raw] Caroberry Power Breakfast
Sweet Potato Grits
Almond Buckwheat Pancakes w/ cacao nibs

Farine Brouillée de Pois Chiche – Scrambled Chickpea Flour ala France (French)
[Raw] Avocado Soup w/ Sprouted Chickpeas
Dynamite Gomokuzushi – Deconstructed Dynamite Sushi (Japanese)

Roasted Pumpkin & Eggplant Gratin w/ Cashew Mushroom Bolognese (Italian-esque)

Meatless Meatloaf (American)
Fisherman’s Pie (British)

[Raw] Pumpkin Pie (maybe)
Adopt-A-Blogger Recipe (Still deciding but it’ll be this week)
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