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Menu Swap: September 14th

Posted Sep 14 2009 10:01pm

T he other day I was browsing to kill time before I went to Glen Allen/Short Pump, VA, where I discovered there is, not only a FANTASTIC Whole Foods, but also a Trader Joes, two Ukrops, and a bunch of Krogers. I’m in heaven. There’s also a thousand and one shopping areas, too, so heh yeah. It’s a great place. I didn’t get to go into TJ but for my next trip, I will. As for the result of my browsing, I don’t recall how I got to the subject, but I did and it answered more questions of ambiguity to what entirely is wrong with me. Aside from the obvious dairy allergies and gluten intolerances, I found out what my ‘cow’ disease is; it’s called Rumination Syndrome. I can’t remember when it started but I just recall having it for a long time. As vile as it sounds, sometimes by stomach can’t digest everything instantly and it just comes back up in small portions but the way it happens varies in necessity of expulsion. Sometimes I know I have to involuntarily empty my stomach via the way it came, or, sometimes it just hurts and comes up slightly.

The eMedicine from WebMD has a decent explanation of the syndrome
. My assumed cause is from the damage done from the gluten intolerance because it states that gastric disorders may cause rumination and I know I suffered from heartburn for the longest of times. The high acidity is a probable cause with the assistance of stress and emotional trauma (Me? Stressed, hah..). There are many ways to go about fixing the problem and I’ve tried various ones listed on the darn page that take me no where. I honestly can’t reduce my weight any further, since I’m already regarded as underweight, and stress management only gets me so far. It occurs about 80% of the time and its usually when I eat fibrous foods, so, I’m careful that I chew more thoroughly. As of now, I just think of it as a minor nuisance until it progressively gets worse if it will or, hopefully go away. Phillip and I even joke about it slightly, calling it a cow’s disease since cows kinda do the same thing to digest..

On a lighter note, calling the attention to Iphone users. GlutenfreePassport
has just launched a program for the Iphone (ICanEatOnTheGo), that can help you look up GF menu items on the go no matter where you are. They already have one called IEatOut and a LITE version that only does half of the job at half the price. They also have a sister website AllergyFreePassport that caters to food allergies, gluten aside. If you have an Iphone, you should find this program handy since I know there are times when I go to a place and go, “Okay..what can I eat..I can’t remember the menu,”. About 30% of the time, the waiters actually know what gluten is or have been educated in attending to customers with allergies. 70% of the time, they don’t. And even if they do, 90% of the time, I still feel the effects. It’s hard to not to when gluten molecules are floating everywhere in the kitchen - sigh.
Well now with all depressing nature aside, let’s move onto really happy news. First off, my GF baking class is this week. I’m so pumped yet nervous at the same time since I think I suck as a teacher. I just want to make sure I don’t mess up, which I don’t think I will, but who knows? I’ll probably forget an ingredient or something. I’m also entering a local baking contest that I’m really excited for. I think the recipe will come out effortless since it’s very simple and basic. I just have to worry about the coconut whipped cream coming out correctly. I have, oh, a week to try.

Quinoa is the ingredient of the week, chosen by M-Elle, so, I incorporated it into my simple lined recipes for the week. It seems, since I’m working chaotic hours this week, that I won’t be able to take time and incorporate my creativity as much as I like. Next week doesn’t look too spectacular either, but hey, at least I’m working. In a store that I love - yay! I’m also dabbing into the raw food again, starting out slow and working my way. I eat raw salads all the time, but, they aren’t elaborate as dehydrated concoctions. Perhaps I’ll even give sprouting a go.

Weekly Menu for September 14th

Bread Pudding
Carocado Stuffed “Crepes” (Psst, Tortilla = instant crepe)
Kheer with rice flakes and plantains

Padishah Salad (Didn’t get the chance last week to make it, but, I did now)
Steamed Artichokes with savory lemon curd
Raw Stuffed Mushrooms

Chili Cheese Squash Fries
Zha Ziang Mian (Chinese Spaghetti)
Aki no Nikomi (Autumn Stew) with quinoa-gohan (quinoa rice), tsukimono (pickles), sarada (salad)
Coconut Quinoa Crusted Trout with Criolla Jumble (Caribbean-esque salad), and chutney

Chocolate Meringue cookies

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