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Menu Swap: October 26th

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:00pm

It’s so funny how a week ago life was perfect. I had a job I loved, a house waiting on the line, and everything under control. And then - boom. I lost my job, our loan got denied, and to top it all off, my email account got hacked. Honestly, the internet is your friend until it fails you. Thankfully, after threatening Microsoft, I regained access. It was utterly ridiculous that Microsoft couldn’t even identify me to my account after supplying them with more than adequate information. I mean if I seriously couldn’t regain possession, I would have lost all my school files, honeymoon reservation information, flight information - and all that jazz. Not to mention that the jobs I’ve applied to as of now have been with that email address. So last night I spent the night sitting here, angrily eating grapes and wishing they were the heads of MSN.

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I also can’t wait until I hear the news from my doctor on my blood test results; that’ll really make my day since I’ve already lost five pounds, unintended. When I tried on my wedding dress last, it was loose. So I’m eating fruit galore to stimulate my hunger in hopes to consume more. No idea if it’s working but I know I’m getting sick of fruit since the only ones I’m currently able to digest and can afford are the basics. I would kill for a custard apple or a big fat mango or even dragon fruit. Oh, god. I saw dragon fruit for the first time in a year at Kroger and they looked utterly pathetic: wrinkled, soft, and mushy. What sickened me even more was that they were priced at 7.99 A POUND. I used to buy those babies at 50 cents each in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /> Philadelphia for fresh, plump and ripe dragon fruit. These were ready for the trash because no one can afford them at that price. There is no logic there. I’m starting to miss Philadelphia. Well, okay, to be fare, I’m really really missing my Asian supermarket and all that fresh and CHEAP produce. I swear, if Phillip and I were living in Philadelphia, food cost wouldn’t at all be a problem. Here, unless you eat off the shelves of the grocery store or grow your own garden, prepare to fork out the cash.

So with the wedding being in a few weeks, I’m exhausted from the lack of sleep, frustrated to the point where my stomach hates me again, frustrated to the point where I want to chew someone out, and trying to assure that I have everything under control or organized for the most part. At least, I have enough time now to cook, which is my source of meditation. I’m also organizing recipes for my business that will eventually get opened sometime next year, which is my source of hope at the moment.

For this last week of October, herbs (cilantro specifically) are the ingredient of the week, chosen by Heather of theCeliac Family. Here’s the 411 on herbs: there’s actually two classifications of herbs, one being culinary and one being medicinal. The culinary fall into the category of the weekly ingredient but some of those are actually used for their medicinal properties as well. Ironically enough, I’m currently on my herbology course in my studies, which dives into the different medicinal properties of a variety of herbs. I’ve comprised a small list of culinary/table herbs that actually have some medicinal benefits.

Basil – The oil in basil has undergone examination with the result of having potent anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties. It is used in India to treat diabetes, asthma, and stress.

Dill - Can sooth stomachs after meals in tincture mixtures. An old fashion remedy was to put a few drops of dill oil and water to drink after a heavy meal and stimulate the digestion.

Coriander - has been used as a diuretic in Indian traditions, and the juice of the herb has been used in treatments for acne (which I didn’t know but now find useful).

Mint – Mint is used in a variety of items from teas and beverages, to jellies, candies, syrups, foods – you name it, and it’s been done. Medical wise, mint is used as a stomach ache and chest pain soother. The menthol in the mint oil has also been used in cosmetics and perfumes.

Oregano – Aside from topping pizza, oregano has demonstrated antimicrobial activity against food-borne bacteria. In the Philippines, oregano was used to relieve children’s coughing. Oregano leaves and stems are also used as an antiseptic, stomach tonic, in addition to being used in treating colds, flu, and fevers. Oregano also has a sedative characteristic – which I wish I knew beforehand and now comprehend why we all want to sleep after eating Italian food – so it needs to be taken in small doses. Of course, that is only in large dosages.

Thyme – I never enjoyed thyme until I tried it fresh. After that, I hardly ever use the dried thyme unless I dry my own. Thymol naturally occurs in thyme, which is an antiseptic and a primary ingredient in mouthwash. Before modern antibiotics, it was used as an antiseptic on wounds; brewed in a tea, it can also be used to settle coughs an sooth bronchitis.

Rosemary – Ironically enough is extremely high in iron, calcium and vitamin B6. It has claims to improve memory, which seen in old English traditions. Mourners would place rosemary brushes across gravesites to remember the dead. It also has been said to lower the risk of strokes and neurodegenerative diseases. It has also been used as crowns during weddings which symbolizes love.

Week of October 26 th Menu
[Raw] Fresh Corn Soup
Welsh Rarebit
Kona Sweet Potato Soup
Vegan Coronation Salad
[Halloween Special] Bat Infested Pea-Soupers (British style Pea Soup with Bat Shaped Polenta Croutons)


Mayo Cornflake Crusted Trout with roasted vegetables
Roman Goddess Salad
Carnival Squash Yennegai
[Halloween Special] Bleeding "Soul" Haunted By Angry Spirits (Broiled Sole with a red pumpkin cream sauce, potatoes, & sautéed greens)

Peruvian Corn Cake

Candy Corn Cupcakes
Chocolate Coconut Almond Cake

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