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Menu Swap: May 26th

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:34pm

I ’ve finally decided to go easy on my standard cuisines genres to expand my horizon upon other international tastes, flares, and flavors. This comes after being delighted from my Bobotie last week which was absolutely heavenly. This week is hosted by Esther at The Liliac Kitchen and the ingredient is tomato which consistently appears in many of my recipes. Tomatoes are just so healthy for you, rich in vitamin C and lycopene. Somepeople, however, have issues with fruits and vegetables hailing from the nightshade family, especially some celiac. It’s uncertain why but I assume it’s the protein in the flesh that provides digestible difficulties.

It’s a shame, but, what can you do? It just amuses me that there are some people, like my aunt, who refuses to touch anything that has tomato in it. Why? I have no idea. It has no awkward taste to me nor does it carry a horrific odor. Just in the same, there are people who drown everything in tomato sauce or ketchup. Its seeds may get somewhat gelatinized if they become overripe but other than that I have no qualms about the sweet fruit and/or vegetable, tomato. As you can see, tomatoes are used sporadically in this week’s menu.

In regards to this week’s menu, again some shifting may occur since schedules and appointments are to be made stilllllll. I’m also on the lookout for some recipe ideas for Phil when he comes. I have some concepts but all the more help would be wonderfully appreciated since I know how creative some of you foodies are.

Happy eating everyone and I look forward to swapping ideas!

Gluten Free Menu Swap May 26th

Monday - Jamaican BBQ for Memorial Day

Lunch: Sweet Potato Salad

Dinner: Jerked Catfish with banana salsa & rice

Tuesday - Middle Eastern

Lunch: Shashouka

Dinner: Moussaka

Wednesday - Indian

Lunch: Tomato Rasam with bitter gourd chips & chutney

Dinner: Dalma w/ rice

Thursday - Japanese

Lunch: Yaki-Tofu Bento

Dinner: Okonomiyaki, Osaka style

Friday - Cuban

Lunch: Huevos Motuleño

Dinner: Camarones Enchilados Chile Rellenos (Deviled Shrimp Stuffed Peppers) w/ rice

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