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Menu Swap: March 7th

Posted Mar 08 2010 4:10am

Oh Oscar!
I apologize that I hadn’t gotten this up sooner but, I was watching the awards and I happened to fall asleep. Oops! Anyway, the theme this week happens to be “Red Carpet Specials” and you don’t have to be a star to enjoy simple food with just done in a more gourmet approach. Half of the time, if you think about it, the stars prefer pizza and burgers over their spa food.

This year the awards were a little disappointing. Avatar didn’t take as much as I assumed and some actors didn’t get the awards I thought they would. Oh well. My favorite year was when Hugh Jackman hosted the awards! I must say, however, the dance scenes were phenomenal.

In other news, I think I’m learning to cope better with my new issue and I’ve found that, for the most part unless I do something wrong..which I’ve caught myself several times, is that I feel energetic again. I feel alive. I feel myself. Even my boss noticed a change in me, that I got my spunk back. It’s really a trial and error. My new diet excludes a lot of high potassium foods, as I’ve mentioned before, and no chocolate, no coffee, not a single artificial sweetener, and hardly any caffeine. It’s amazing the little things where these creatures of darkness hide. I can’t chew typical gums, drink any soda unless I make my own, but, the carbonation is bothersome anyway. I make my own ice tea now and I’m back to using carob as a chocolate substitute. Hardly any mushrooms either. I miss bananas, ironically enough. I hardly ever ate them but I had a craving the other day and it’s like, “Nope.” I still eat melon on occasion even though I’m not supposed to. It’s a combination of low GI and next to zilch potassium, but, you do need some to keep the body flowing.

I’m also on my way to getting back into shape, which has granted me more energy. Stupid weather hinders EVERYONE’S desire to move. So I’m back down to my ideal weight of 115 and eat what I like while doing my aerobics or just working since that involves a lot of heavy lifting and running. After all, the only way to enjoy life is to live it and speaking of living it, Phillip and I decided to go to NY for my birthday! Phantom of the Opera live on stage! YAY!

Finally, those who didn’t know, Cheryl is offering a give-away for GF Bloggers of the Menu Swap. It's awesome!

Menu Swap for Week March 7th
Rice Pudding


Roasted Vegetable Salad with Spiced Chickpeas & Goddess Dressing
Waldorf Salad
Potato Salad with Asparagus and apricot mustard dressing

Brown Rice Fish Cakes with Blooming Pumpkin & Dipping Sauce
Vermicelli with White Wine Butter Sauce
Nut & Vegetable Terrine over brown rice

White Chocolate Cocoa Biscotti (For the hubby)
“Surprise” brownies

And we welcome these other stars on the red carpet of this week's GF Swap:

Heather, at Celiac Family , reveals her recipes about chocolate martinis and her absolutely astounding sounding raspberry meringue tarts. Mmm..melt in your mouth bites of meringue topped with berries? Washing that down with chocolate! It is a perfect way to celebrate like a star. She also mentions this place called zPizza that offers a gluten free crust as an option. It sounds fantastic; however, I'd be leary about cross contamination.

Cheryl, at GF Goodness , has a crazy week planned with yet decadent delights. She's gathered a bunch of recipes for passover that are designated GF. You can always count on her for many roundups alike.

Angela, at Angela's Kitchen , claims that she doesn't have any red carpet foods set up but if you take a look at her cupcakes, you can tell a star would be proud. Or, rather, a princess. Her daughter turned 12 with two sets of cupcakes: one of the Princess Bride and the other Winter Olympics. Her crown of ryal icing is beautiful as well as her cupcakes overall.
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