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Menu Swap: June 23rd

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:32pm

I misinterpreted the ingredient of the week or the ingredient of last week which was cherries instead of oregano which is actually for this week. That’s okay since I’m not a big cherry fan anyway. Phil’s spending up until Wednesday with me and then he’s returning home. I have a bunch of photos of the fabulous meal that he prepared for me. I’m also deep in love with meat again perhaps a little more than I should be. I even ate steak tonight for the first time in six years and, yes there was pain and discomfort, but I’ve been sick all weekend anyway so I can’t really tell if it was the meat or just my stomach continuing its rampage.

I’ve thrown a few quick and easy recipes together aside from the first few since I’m using up some ingredients remaining in the fridge, which is working out pretty well. Now that I have another category of ingredients, I’m going all out and maybe even get a little fancy. As if I didn’t anyway? So, here’s my menu for the week. Again, they’re simple recipes but whose to say that simplicity isn’t delicious? Some of the lunches aren’t going to be present due to their uncertainty and the first I’m going to Whole Foods for sushi! I haven’t had sushi in a long time. Yay for sushi!

This week is hosted by Karen at Gluten Free Sox Fan .

Monday - Indian

Stuffed Tomatoes with aromatic rice, cucumber raita, and mango chutney

Tuesday - Scandinavian

Lunch - Roasted Beet Salad with goat cheese

Dinner - Swedish Meatballs with root vegetable gratin

Wednesday - Tropical

Caribbean Curry with millet

Thursday - Central American

Lunch - Fiesta Black Bean Salad

Dinner - Tortilla de Patata with Zarangollo

Friday - British

Lunch - Swedish Rarebit

Dinner - Baked Catfish with curry sauce and some vegetable dish

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