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Menu Swap: July 13th

Posted Jul 13 2008 11:03pm
I’m surprised I actually formulated a menu being oh so tired. Sleep beseeches me and has ever since a few days ago. Life is tough but when there’s a will there’s a way - and I refuse to surrender.

My menu is simple, even though it -sounds- intricate with a few newbies and some good oldies. I also hate my habit of over purchasing vegetables at the Asian market but sometimes their sales just get to me especially with vegetables or fruits that I have yet to experience.

There’s also a mini funny story behind the Malay Curry. Since I already made Groundnut stew, I’ll make a curry instead but one of the nurses tending to my mom is actually from West Africa. She claims her child refuses to eat anything of African cuisine because it’s so spicy (I assume she was raised in America) and she asked me, after finding out I cook, about how to prepare simple everyday meals. Well after that, I inquired about Groundnut Stew and she gave me the authentic recipe. It’s, ironically, one of those 1-2-3 recipes where it’s only meat, onions, tomatoes, and hot peppers simmered in stock with peanut butter added. Hah. Go figure. Don’t we Americans love fancy-ing up simple down earth recipes?

Nataliepicked peaches for the ingredient for the week and since I'm such a fruit junkie, I think I can toss a peach or two somewhere in me weekly repertoire.

Yes, the Cornish hen is actually sold at the Asian Market for 2 bucks. A nice fat hen all for me. Aren’t I so lucky?

Menu Swap for July 13th

Monday -Thai

Lunch- Som Tam (Spicy Salad)

Dinner- Curried Game Hen with stir fried Chinese broccoli, and rice

Tuesday -British

Lunch- Bubbles & Squeak

Dinner- Stuffed onions with mushroom nut pilaf & salad

Wednesday -Japanese

Lunch- Okonomiyaki

Dinner- Chinese Black Salmon, kabocha-tougan salad, and rice

Thursday -African

Lunch- Nigerian Quinoa Salad

Dinner- Cape Malay Curry

Friday -Cajun

Lunch- Cajun Cornbread Topped Olive Salad

Dinner- Seafood Jambalaya
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