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Menu Swap: January 4th

Posted Jan 03 2010 5:06am

Blah. Some new year. I woke up New Years Eve, sick as a dog and I’m still miserable. At least, however, I’m still functional. That was my only primary concern, but, I’m so functional that I can’t sit still. Now since the busy season at work has finally deteriorated, I have time to tend to the house and I’m always doing things. I mean, I put on the handles to the rest of my cabinets with an on going mild fever. Crazy? It was bothering me! I couldn’t sit there and not do it. I will take a picture once I get my pantry installed in there, which is happily on its way. And then once we move everything into the shed, I’ll have yet another closet to store my baking supplies and I’ll be all set! I’m so happy. I’m aiming to start a baking business soon, so, keep your fingers crossed.

A while back, for one, I did “Dinner and a Movie“. There’s many different methods to go about creating “movie themed food”. It could be either the same ethnicity, or, it could be something from the movie. Whatever your heart desires, shoot for it. I did a combination of both, I think. Maybe not, but, I like my menu. The movies can be any favorite of yours, animated, real, etc. I fervently treid to not solely pick all Disney films, considering that I’m now going to Disney World (YES!) and I’m currently in a Disney obsession phase.

I only list four days because Phillip can occasionally work until midnight, so, I make him something to take that he’ll enjoy while I do the same for myself at home. He hates pumpkin, I love it. I don’t eat meat, but, he does. I will not force someone to do something that I won’t do. That’s not me and I’m not afraid to touch meat or cook meat, but, I just don’t like to eat it. Why? I don’t know. I just can’t see myself eating meat and I’m perfectly content with eggs, fish, and soy. And beans - ah - love ma beans. I have to say for him not liking them, he does a very good job in trying different beans. In fact, the boy actually loves hummus! Woo! Too bad I ate all that I made last..haha..I’ll…make more and hide it. Last time I bought this chipoltle hummus by Sabra, boy ate the whole container before I could even touch it. I knew we wouldn’t have any problems in that department. In fact, he takes pride in bragging to his co-workers about his gourmet lunches and dinner.

I hope you have fun doing this Dinner and a Movie themed. It’s great for the kids, having them drink pumpkin juice while watching Harry Potter or eating pizza while watching TMNT.

Do you believe in resolutions? What was yours to be made? Here’s a small list of mine that are more like goals that I wish to achieve this year
- Go to Disney World
- Go to Otakon with a kick ass costume (made by me on my NEW sewing machine)

- Change my blog layout and like it
- Start my business, successfully
- Try to stay healthier (as if that started out well, geez!)
- Get my house organized and as perfect to please me

1st Menu Swap of 2010

Baked Spiced Sweet Potato Oatmeal

Macaroni Salad
Bibimbap (In hopes to burn this God forsaken cold out of me)

Movie: Finding Neverland
Dinner: Pie & Mash

Movie: Anastasia
Dinner: Blichiki (Savory Blinis)

Movie: Beauty and the Beast
Dinner: Soup Du Jour (possibly) with Confit Byaldi with those hopeful croissants, if not, then biscuits.

Movie: El Dorado
Dinner: Seafood Paella

Other Goods
Muffins of some sort
Croissants (Hopefully)

I’m glad to see that everyone enjoyed the concept of movie themed food! Here’s what everyone else is offering this week:

Ginger, at Fresh Ginger ,

claims she has to become a more simple cook due to her lack of time. I see nothing but fantastic items on her menu and a favorite movie of mine that I’m sure everyone agrees on: Julie & Julia. Meryl Streep made that movie. If Julia Child was alive, a hope she would be proud at her hard work. Julie, eh, I don’t really find her that great. Anyone can do what she did if they set their minds to it. I really need to try Chalupas. I was saying to myself the other day that I have yet to get around to making gluten free pupusas.

Angela at Angela’s Kitchen .OMG I love the Muppets! That totally made me smile, especially seeing them do the Bohemian Rhapsody. That’s the greatest. Aside from that, her menu is, as always, kid friendly and delicious. Just pass over a bowl of that tantalizing sounding curry; I’m sure that’ll hit the spot. I also have been eying spaghetti squash. I think I might just invest it one and try it on Phil.

Heather at the Celiac Family had a blast pulling her menu together. We, ironically, had lasagna yesterday and I didn’t even think of watching Garfield. She also named another good movie, Kung Fu Panda. Ah, I love me some Jack Black. Dumplings are another feat to accomplish. In two days I’ve managed to make pasta dough, pizza dough, pie dough, and working on a surprise recipe..dun dun. I love surprises. By the way, what guy doesn’t want more meat on a stick? In fact, what guy would pass up everything except meat?

Aside from not corresponding movies with meals on her menu, I think Scrumptious at In My Box
has a fantastic menu in line. First off, how can you go wrong with Kale? Not to mention sushi. And her carbohydrate Friday is making me droll. I’m sold. Can I come for dinner? I’m a sucker for a sweet potato and polenta AND tempeh. Yep. I’m good. I’ve been so tempted to buy a Moosewood cookbook, yet, not have gotten there yet. Please let me know if it really is a worthy purchase.

Kimberly, every time I saw your wedding picture, I couldn’t wait till I have one of my own. I haven’t been to your blog since I got my picture back and now that I saw yours, I couldn’t help but smile. Thank you. At Gluten Free is Life , she has the delicious basics going on and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Breakfast for dinner, a great idea, pizza, always a winner, and blackened fish - right on! Happy early birthday!
That article you posted is beautiful. Well the link to the article about “What You Don’t Know Might Kill You”. Most people don’t realize how dangerous it is until it happens. My father is one of them. He just doesn’t get it either that or he doesn’t want to believe it. It’s a shame. It’s also disgusting to hear people who say, “Oh well I’m on a GF diet!” and don’t have anything wrong with them, just because they think it’s “healthy” I’d like to kick them. I ran into a few of them and those who know me, know I politely correct obtuse individuals.

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