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Menu Swap: January 18th

Posted Jan 18 2010 4:37am
Well, I finally did it. I updated my blog in more than one way. I cleaned out old files that I was dissatisfied with and I updated the layout and header. Huzzah. Well, it’s the same layout, but, different colors. Strike one off on my to do list.

Sometimes, you have to hate sales. Why because, well, they become temptations. They can become your worst enemy. Kroger had a sale on cottage cheese and, well, I fell off the wagon. I ate cottage cheese like crazy when I could, as I now do hummus. The rich and succulent farmer’s cheese was too good for words. I seriously hate being lactose intolerant as opposed to gluten intolerant. No matter the faux cheese on the market, it still doesn’t live up to the original. Sure, the almond cheese isn’t bad, but, I want dairy. Same with the yogurt, coconut milk yogurt isn’t bad and the soy yogurt isn’t bad either, but, I still want real thick Greek yogurt. The good stuff. The awesome stuff that melts on your tongue…alas. It no longer loves me and I know that now for sure. I ate it, I suffered, and I’m done. Sometimes you forget that you really are lactose intolerant or gluten intolerant because I had a boo-boo in that field too.

Sometimes you are so obedient to your diet that you forget what happens when you do get sick. Well, I had a double whammy. Apparently Quorn only comes gluten free in the bag, not the box. I didn’t realize that because I was going for the sale as opposed to the full price. Moral of the story: When you have a food allergy or a condition involving food, where you have to get a certain type of food, go for what you know is safe. Do not buy on sale.

So after last night, I am feeling better and now reminded of what happens when I fall way off the wagon. It hurts. Oh, it hurts very much.

Now, to the menu swap.

Ingredient of this week: Parsnips, chosen by Esther from The Lilac Kitchen. Parsnips, at first glance, can be labeled as a white carrot. It is richer in vitamins, minerals and fiber in comparison to the carrot. The uses of parsnips vary but maintain popularity in soups and stews. Interesting fact about the parsnip: in Roman times, parsnips were believed to be an aphrodisiac. Aside from the norm, try something a little different. Have a parsnip muffin as opposed to a pumpkin muffin. Mash it up with some butter as a potato substitute or even have a pureed parsnip soup. Always remember, limitations are set by the mind alone.

Menu Swap for Week 18

Satsuimo Oatmeal with Five Spices

Parsnip Soufflé
Homemade Egg McMuffin - That’s right, you heard me.

Dinner at Commander’s Palace
(Since we didn’t get a chance to eat there in NOLA, I’m going to create a dinner inspired by the reputable restaurant)
Salmon Tchoupitoulas - Grilled salmon with sweet potato grits, baby carrots & French beans, creamed tomatoes and peppercorn demi-glace
Daring Cook’s Challenge
Quinoa Croquettes with mole verde and Aztec pilaf


Dairy Free Gluten Free SOY FREE Cheesecake! (Let's hope it works)
Something else more than likely when I get inspired.
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