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Menu Swap: August 31st

Posted Aug 31 2009 10:02pm
I hate how behind I get sometimes; although, I think this week I can do a lot of catching up, but, since I work late most of the time and when I’m off I usually baby sit, I still don’t really get time. I have so many recipes that I want to upload, it literally takes up 4 pages in word processor. Some of them I haven’t even done yet but I can’t wait to do. Work, however, isn’t the only problem that I currently face. For one, it was the lack of inspiration, which I thankfully received this week in exchange for having a black thumb with bread baking. It is my first try in baking homemade bread and, I’ll tell you for one, it isn’t coming out as simple as it used to with gluten. I’ll get it at some point, hopefully. I’m just waiting on the cutting results which’ll come later tonight with my first supper recipe. I know once I’ll get it, nothing will stop me from reproducing it. The problem too, that I didn’t realize until this morning, is that the yeast I used was very old. That tends to retard the dough, so, yeah. I think I got it this time. I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting since I have a class coming up to teach and local contests that I wish to enter, not to mention cravings. I miss gnocchi and raviolis as I often prepare them for Phillip and his father the non-gf way. Those two ‘pasta’ dishes are comfort food to me and since I’ve been a nutcase lately, my body screams feed me comfort.

A funny - well in one respect - thing that happened was that I was so excited to try chicken last week that, once I did, my body rejected it. Yes, that’s right. Being meatless for so long, I had a horrible time trying to digest the chicken and, when I was even eating it, I was getting sick. So, farewell meat forever! I no longer enjoy the flesh of animals and, when speaking of it in those terms, it sickens me even more. So I shall remain a gluten free pescetarian, which I have no problem. I made this fantastic Jamaican inspired meal the other night with Chilean Sea Bass from Whole Foods that was ON SALE and it was godly. Now, I’m not saying that vegetarianism is the answer to everything and perfect for everyone, but, it is a consideration if you have digestion issues. Harsh proteins stay in your system longer than legumes or soy and take more effort to process. So, if you eat meat with IBS or some harsh food allergies, try opting for softer means of protein.

After seeing Julie and Julia as well, I’ve been contemplating on cooking through a book. I’ve finally settled on preparing recipes from 1001 Foods to Die for. Why? For many reasons. I have a problem doing carbon copies considering I always lighten them and swap proteins. Since the book lists recipes and dishes that are popular and “to die for”, I can prepare them with my additions, substitutions, and alterations without straying from the heart of the dish. It makes sense to me at any rate.

It is actually funny, too, that eggplant is the ingredient of the week, hosted by the new mother, Sea. I’ve been craving it lately, which does happen about a week per month, so, it fell in synch this time around.

August 31st Menu Swap
Breakfast Arborio Rice Pudding
Dairy Free Mango Shrikhand

Quinoa Salad
with strawberries, tomatoes, and asparagus
Broccoli Salad
with roasted fennel and raisins
Roasted Eggplant and Onion Panzanella
Texas Style Caesar Salad
with Broiled Trout
Beans on Toast (British)
with sautéed leeks and celery
Refried Beans with Kimchi & rice (Mexirean)
Eggplant Avocado Pasta
Stuffed Pumpkin (Still deciding on a Filling)
Recipe from 1001 Foods to Die For

Lavender Rice Buns
Sandwich Bread (God hoping)
Pasta (Possibly)
Recipe Tryouts + Contest experiments
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