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Menu Swap: August 24th

Posted Aug 24 2009 10:36am
T o find a person on this planet who hasn’t experienced the essence of a grape, would be finding a needle in a petite haystack. I’m sure some exist out there, but, with so many ways to enjoy a grape, one or the other has to be accepted. The berry known as the grape dates back far into the ancient hieroglyphics of Egypt where grapes are shown being cultivated. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the fascination with wine by the Greeks and Romans. Within the united states, vineyards are everywhere. It was once easy to designate California as the head top wine producer of the US, but, with so many imports and other states manufacturing wines, CA isn’t the sole competitor in the game with our foreign comrades. If wine isn’t your forte, have no fear, because there is always grape juice. Studies of Concord grape juice revealed potential benefits of fighting against the onset stage of cancer, heart attacks, and other risk factors involving physical performance, aging, and hypertension.

In such a small little berry, it can do so much! But, that’s not all. Ever heard of grape seed oil? Yep, grape seed oil contains great antioxidants, tannins, polyphenol, and fatty acids. I used to take it myself and, I must say, it’s not the most pleasurable substance on earth, but, maybe I’ll do it again considering the signs of effectiveness against oxidative stress and potential benefits for the skin. Aside from the two aforementioned methods of eating a grape, let’s not forget the jelly! What kid didn’t grow up eating a PB&J? I did. I never liked it to be frank, but, I love, and still do, raisins, currants, and sultanas. Dating back to the Old French dictionary, raisin literally means grape. Sultanas and currants are variants of grapes, similar to how we have red, white, black, muscat grapes, and so on.

Parents often threw boxes of raisins into their children’s lunch boxes to promote the consumption of iron and the reason is this: nothing. It’s one of those housewife myths, to a degree. Yes, raisins contain a hefty amount of iron only because they’re so concentrated, but, the same amount of iron could be found in a equal proportions with grapes. For those lacking iron and protein, eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - within moderation. Healthy nut fats, tons of iron, and if you’re bread is a solid fiber educed variety, you are set my friend. Progressing onward, there is also the grape leaves which, of course, is used to wrap fabulous fillings to create the Middle Eastern/Mediterranean specialty known as dolmades. Unfortunately, I can’t find these beauties here, so, I have to keep hunting or order..which I try not to order so many specialty items. I hate being a food freak sometimes.
Grapes don’t have to be enjoyed alone as stated above, use your imagination! I also apologize for the haphazard layout of my blog but I’m doing renovations and being very indecisive, as is blogger is working with the templates. So, it’ll come back together, please be patient.

If you seem to lose your way in finding stuff around my blog, settle for the menus of these fantastic gluten free chefs listed after my offered menu.

August 24th Menu Swap
Almost Brei
Dudh Sewaian (Rice Noodles in Milk)
Roasted Plantain

Sunset Moorish Salad
Cheater’s Asparagus Hollandaise English Muffin


The Slayer
Huckleberry Glazed Hen with Fennel and Sweet Potato (There will be a post explaining this)
Turkish Lettuce Wraps with rice and Lorlu Biber (Peppers with “cheese”)
Spanish Stuffed Peppers with beans and rice

Granola Bars
Sandwich Bread (I hope)
Lemon Pound Cake
Cinnamon Swirl Muffins (Part of my Cereal Series if I have time)
The Other Wonderful Bloggers

Sea, at the Book of Yum, is celebrating her motherhood with comfort food. Little Yum is absolutely adorable and seeing that gives me hope that I’ll possibly be able to carry children. It’s always been a fear. On her menu she has a list of my favorite cuisines: Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese. Of course, with Jicama on the brain, there isn’t anything better than that if you ask me.
Unfortunately for Cheryl, at Gluten Free Goodness, she’s allergic to grapes and I’m so sorry since I didn’t know! Her grape-free menu, however, makes my mouth water. Pesto Slathered Mahi and a Quinoa mix - winners to me. Just look at that cake on her page too. My goodness, it is definitely drool worthy.

And Kimberly over at Gluten Free is Life, is serving up my favorite dinner - breakfast! Heh. She’s also lucky to be going to Whole Foods this week, which I may if I’m not going to Florida to see my father for the first time. Or go to Whole Foods in Florida..hmm.. Anyway, her Parmesan Potatoes make my mouth water..Gosh I miss cheese.
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