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Menu Swap: April 25th

Posted Apr 25 2010 6:39am

To me, I think fusion food is fun. What is fusion food, you ask? Fusion food is pretty much the combination of two ethic cuisines to create a new one. For example, Indo-Chinese (Indian Chinese), Mexi-Talian (Mexican Italian), Polican (Polish American), Chinois (Chinese French) - it’s also part fun to create the names. I’ve done several dishes in the past that can contribute to fusion cuisine, but, I’m giving it the spot light this week for all to experiment and enjoy. It appears to be the hip thing today, to go to an upscale resturant and find some nouvelle dish that is nothing more than swapped ingredients that you pay an arm and a leg for. Japanese fusion is a popular one to date. According to the Wikipedia, Wolfgang Puck is supposed to be a pioneer in that realm, but, I don’t think so. I’ve scanned over his recipes a bunch of times and have yet to find anything spectacular or something that stands out as “Oh that is ingenious!” Still, he’s a cutie and I appreciate his efforts and contributions to the culinary world.

Now, for an update in my life. I have a full time job now - YAY. So I work a lot, which is why I haven’t posted a lot. I need to get on the ball with some things in my personal life, like, pay attention to my husband, work on costumes for a convention in July, start my garden if it would STOP RAINING, and just relax.

Menu Swap of Week April 25th


Vegan Okonomiyaki

Red Curry Risotto
Lentil Cream Pot
Poor Man’s Rice Noodles with Mushrooms & Kale
Southern Style Fish Cakes
Broccoli Cheese Soup
Breakfast for Dinner (Pancakes or Waffles - whatever we feel at the moment)

Homemade Buttercreams (Chocolates for Mother’s Day!)
Maybe something else

Scrumptious of In My Box has the aspect of fusion foods, but, who really cares? Her menu sounds absolutely scrumptious. I like her concept of a mish-mash bowl. I have done that several times when I'm not sure what entirely I want, but, just load it all up over rice and dig in! I really do miss avocado but the ones I've been seeing are just so old and yucky when I get to them.

Heather from the Celiac Family also doesn't really dive into the concept of fusion foods, but again, that's perfectly fine. On her menu you can find Mexican rice bowls, ribs, and burgers - a simply satisfying menu for any family.

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