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Menu Swap: April 21st

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:03pm

Here is my second menu entry for Gluten Free Mommy’s Gluten Free Menu Swap! Trust me, the names appear fancier than the dishes. When I went to the Asian market, two glorious vegetables stood out and screamed “Buy me!” Not literally but they looked so stunning, I just had to purchase them: Chinese Eggplants and Petite Bok Choy. Due to these two packages of yummy healthy veggies, there will be an abundance of eggplant and cabbage recipes, mostly Indian/Asian inspired since you know how I am. But, still, they are good recipes none the less. I’ve also cooked up a batch of chickpeas so their presence will be throughout.

Finally, I dedicated a day to the Jewish feast of Passover. Note that I am not Jewish, therefore, if there is something uncustomary to the Passover celebration, I apologize. When I cook certain ethnic or traditional meals, I try to follow the proper preparation and methods of serving. It’s a little wont of mine which is why I need to buy a Indian cookbook or something. I really like everything about Indian cuisine. You don’t know how much I tried not to cook recipes from India throughout the entire week. I almost did - almost. It's just that there are so many vegetables that I love or have yet to try in so many combinations, it's mind blowing! I know for certain my boyfriend is going to sit down to a full course Indian feast the next time I go over.

You betcha.

Oh, if anyone has any suggestions for Indian cookbooks, blogs, or websites, please share. I already whore Mahanandi to death in addition to a few others I come across. More are obviously welcomed! So, drop a line, suggestion, comment if its pleasant, etc. Hopefully my USB cable will come so I can finally upload last weeks pictures prior to getting these up…sigh.

April 21st Menu Swap

Monday - Hungarian

Dinner - Vegetarian Rakott Kaposzta

Tuesday - Malaysian

Lunch: Sweet & Sour Vegan Fishballs (New Food Blog Series)

Dinner: Kari Ikan Kembong (Fish Curry)

Wednesday - Jewish Passover dedication

Breakfast - Charoset (Didn't happen) Potato Latkes

Dinner - Savory GF Noodle Kugel

Thursday - Indian

Breakfast - Masala French Toast

Lunch - Egg Pakora

Dinner - Baingan Chole with papaya chutney and steamed quinoa

Friday - Chinese

Lunch: Gobi Manchurian

Dinner: Bittersweet Eggplant Stir-fry (Original sauce recipe in the works but you'll love it, trust me)

Of course, the order of the menu is subject to change depending on time and whatnot. Friday I have my doctor’s appointment, Monday I have to go figure out some school junk, and uh other stuff here and there; but, there it is! I hope you enjoy this week’s selection of recipes. I will post them up as I go along in addition to last week’s belated posting.

Cilantro is this “food of the week” chosen by the host Natalie from Gluten Free Mommy ; it will be sporadically appearing since I use cilantro/coriander in many of my recipes ironically.. And I mentioned I'm starting a new Blog series since I think I'm officially tired of shocking as that sounds. I'm going to start a bento series called "Bento of the Week". Bento style lunches variating with different ethnic styles as well as traditional bento lunches. You'll see more when I post it.

That's it! Enjoy!

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