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Malabar Paratha ( Kerala Parotta )

Posted Mar 10 2010 4:40pm

Malabar Paratha ( Kerala Parotta ) - 1 st Recipe

450 g maida
2 eggs
150 ml milk

10 g sugar
60 ml cooking oil
100 g butter
A pinch of baking soda
Oil to shallow fry
Salt to taste


Mix the flour with the baking soda in a shallow bowl.

Break the eggs in a bowl. Add milk , sugar , salt and oil and whisk.

In the flour , pour the egg and the milk mixture and start mixing. Knead to a soft dough. Cover the dough with a moist cloth and leave for half an hour.

Divide the dough into six equal portions and make balls. Flatten each with a rolling pin into round disc. Grease the rolling surface with oil.

Place a disc and stretch evenly on all sides till it is very thin and approximately 12- 15 inches in diametre.

Put melted butter over the surface. Then dust with flour. Hold from two ends and gather while ensuring that there are many folds. Then take one end and start rolling to make another disc.

Flatten slightly and keep the disc aside for five minutes. Flatten each disc with a rolling pin into a round parotta , dusting with flour while rolling.

Place the parotta on a heated tawa and half – bake turning it over once.

Pour oil /melted ghee all round and shallow fry both sides over low flame until golden color. Serve with chicken curry , beef fry …..

2 nd Recipe


Maida - 500 gms
Egg - 1
Salt - 5gms
Milk - 20 ml
Water as required ( approximately 150 ml )
Sugar - 10 gms
Ghee - 100ml


Sieve flour. Add the remaining ingredients and make a tight dough. Knead well. Incorporate the ghee. Reserve aside for an hour. Make equal roundels of the dough. Roll out a little. Then expand the dough by hitting the rolled out dough against the table surface and alternately spreading it out.

When it is sufficiently thin and enlarged pleat it and make roundels. Reserve aside for ½ hr. Then roll out the dough.

Cook on a hot tawa on both sides using ghee or oil. Then beat the paratha from the sides to expose all its layers.

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