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Malabar Cuisine and photos of Kozhikkode Halwa, Unakkaya, Mutta maala......

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:45pm

Unakkaya, Mutta maala, Pathiri, Biryani

Mouth watering Kozhikkode Halwa !!!!!

Muttamaala - made from egg yolk , cooked in sugar syrup

Mutton Biryani




Meen Curry

Prawns fry

Kerala has a distinctive cuisine, very unusual and different from the rest of India. Cooking in Kerala is all about discoveries, aromas and colors. Kerala cuisine is very hot and spicy at one side also mildly spicy due to the foreign influences and offers several gastronomic opportunities for anyone .
The easiest place to begin a search for Mappila food is Kozhikkode / Calicut
Malabar cuisine is quite popular among world over . The mildly flavored, gently cooked Malabar MoppilaBiriyanis are a must eat when visiting Calicut. The mutton is cooked tender, the rice flaky and delicately spiced with the right portions of condiments, to leave the taste lingering for long. Special Malabar dishes are Biryani ( Mutton / Chicken / Prawn / fish ), MeenMulakittathu, ChemmenVarav ( Prawns fry ), Muttakhameer, Pathiri, KannanPathiri,Egg Pathiri, Stuffed chicken ( boiled egg stuffed inside ), Unnakai ( made from mashed bananas ), Muttamaala ( made from egg yolk, cooked in sugar syrup ).

In seafood, mussels are a favorite. A concoction of mussel and rice flour, cooked in the shell is called arikaduka. The Arab influence on the local cuisine is very visible in the rich meat curries and dessert.
Malabar has an array of non-vegetarian dishes such as pathiri (a sort of rice-based pancake, usually paired with a meat curry), parotta (a layered flatbread ), and the K erala variant of the popular biriyani.

The side-dishes include ` alisa'( husked wheat cooked with chicken) ` muttamala' or `egg garland'(yolk of egg cooked in thin strings in sugar syrup, with the white cooked as a pudding ornamenting the centre) and Kozhikkodhalwa.

Want to taste Malabar Cuisine in Chennai ?

1, KasturiRangan Estate
Poes Garden
Chennai # 044-42328585

Famous Restaurants in Calicut / Kozhikkode
Paragon Restaurant
Kannur Road
Calicut # 0495-2761020 / 7020

Zains Hotel
Convent cross Road
Calicut #0495-2761482

Bombay Hotel

Taj, Calicut

New Paris hotel , Kallai Road

Rangoon Hotel

BhaskkarettantePeedika for fresh Juices ( Opp Paragon Restaurant )

Sweet Meat Street ( SM Street ) for Kozhikkodhalwa & Kerala Chips
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