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Low calorie rice

Posted by Swati S.

Rice contains starch, and that is where it gets the calories. Try this simple way to cook the rice -this gets most of the starch out and you get low calorie rice. 1. Take whatever amount of rice you want (2,3,4, or up to 5 cups- can take more rice also; just make sure you get a really large-sized pot) 2. Put the rice in a bowl 3. Wash the rice repeatedly till the cloudy water turns clear (usually takes 5-6 washes) 4. Drain the rice and put it in a large pot. 5. Add water. The water should be 4-5 times the amount of rice. (The idea is that you cook the rice in a lot of water so that the starch comes out in the water, and then you drain the water.) 6. Add a few drops of oil and a pinch of salt for taste (optional-this makes the grains separate and look nice and fluffy.) 7. Boil the rice till it is almost as soft as you wish it. 8. Drain the water using a strainer. 9. Put the rice back in the pot. 10. Cover and cook it on very low flame for a couple of minutes (this step steam cooks the rice - again to make it nice and fluffy.) 11. Enjoy your delicious, starch-free, low-calorie rice Let me know how it works out!
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I love rice, but don't often make it because it is so high in calories. Do you know how many calories are in your version? Did you find this in a cookbook somewhere?

How do you know it's draining the starch? Where did you read that? 

I assure you it is not starch-free. Rice is a starch.  


I am too having the same question as Nancy W.! Being a south Indian I can't stay away from rice but now I am little health conscious and was wondering if you know how many calories would your version of washing rice be?




Anyone know what the calorie count would be for the rice once all of this is done?

i eat rice every night for dinner and sometimes for lunch, its traditional in all nepali families. We dont bother with the calories and besides, we dont get fat eating rice. I've been growing up eating plates of rice every day for the past 20 years and i only weigh 52kg =]

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