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Lovely Spring Weekend!

Posted Apr 15 2013 10:35am

Hey guys! Happy Monday (ha!). I’m kind of short on time today, but of course I have some fun things from the weekend to share with you, so let’s get to it ‘mmkay?

Friday Night

Fabio and I had a date night scheduled for Friday night :) We bought a Groupon a while ago for fajitas and bottomless margaritas at Fiesta in Dupont Circle, and it was going to expire by the end of April so we needed to use it up. It’s not very often that we plan an actual date to go out and eat just the two of us, so I was really looking forward to it!

The weather was nice so despite my pasty legs I wore a dress :) Nothing says “date night” like dressing up a bit!

When we got there I realized that I had been to Fiesta a couple of times before, usually on bar crawls or evenings when we are bopping around to various bars in Dupont Circle. I never realized that they served food there, and I was really excited to try it out.

The fajitas were really good (though not as good as Uncle Julio’s ) and the margaritas were fantastic! They were really strong but really delicious, and huge.

Fabio and I each had three and it’s safe to say we were prettttty tipsy once we left the restaurant. Good thing we opted to take the metro instead of driving there!

After Fiesta, Fabio and I went into a few more bars in Dupont before deciding to head home. We thought about staying out and drinking some more, but with a nine mile run scheduled for the morning, we thought it would be smarter to head back home. Good choice.


Before our run on Saturday, Fabio and I decided to fuel up with a banana and an English muffin with Laughing Cow cinnamon cream cheese. Yummmmm. This was an awesome breakfast.

Then it was time to set out on our run! Our nine miles took us past a ton of scenic monuments and since it was such a nice day, plenty of people were out and about.

First of all, the flowers by the Iwo Jima memorial were beautiful!

Then we saw a huge parade complete with marching bands, naval officers, and a big tweety bird float. It was really cool to be running along side a parade route!!

Then we saw hundreds – literally hundreds – of people doing yoga on the National mall.

These pictures don’t even do it justice because I couldn’t capture everyone in one frame. I am only just now realizing that I should have used the panoramic setting on my camera. Ugh! Oh well, when you stop mid-run to snap a picture these things don’t always occur to you.

Fabio and I seriously considered pausing our run to do some yoga (kind of like the time we decided to abandon our route to join a race ) but in the end we decided to just keep going with our run. I’m still not sure if this was the best decision, because it would have been really cool to do yoga with all those yogis!

We also ran past the cherry blossoms, which were a little past their peak (some of the green buds were coming out) but still beautiful. It was such a great run!!

After our run Fabio cooked us up some lunch (I had a cheeseburger on a sandwich thin with carrots and hummus on the side- yum!) and then we showered up and got ready for the rest of our day!

Fabio headed to Baltimore to have some “guy time” with his friends, while I ran some errands for my upcoming trip. Then I hung out at my mom’s house all afternoon with my stepsister Maggie :) It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun sipping wine and chatting. I even got some sun (well,  a little sunburned) so that was nice! It was a really fun day at home.

Around dinnertime, my mom whipped up these jalapeno appetizers with lots of cheese and bacon. They were awesome and not too spicy!


Once it got too chilly to sit outside we moved indoors for dinner. My stepdad made us steak, corn on the cob (!!!), and broccoli. Everything tasted great!

(Sorry for the blurry picture!)

For dessert we had peanut butter blondies that I made using this recipe . They were delicious!! Ahh, I love blondies.

Then I spent the evening watching TV with my mom and stepdad before calling it a night. It was a long day!


Fabio came back from Baltimore bright and early on Sunday morning and joined us for breakfast :) My stepdad made us bacon and egg sandwiches with potato hash. SO GOOD!

Fabio and I hung out for a little while longer before heading back to Arlington.

As soon as we got home we completed our run for the day! It was supposed to be three miles, but after finishing the intended route we realized it only came out to 2.85. We could have looped around the neighborhood a bit, but at this point we were feeling pretty tired. We decided 2.85 was close enough and called it a day haha! (This is what happens when you don’t carefully plan your route!!)

Another successful week of training for the half marathon!


After running, we cleaned up a bit and then ran some errands. Nothing too exciting- just a trip to Costco for our bulk items (frozen chicken, tomato sauce, hummus, tuna, turkey sausage, bread, and English muffins) and then a trip to Giant for everything else!

After shopping we did a bit of spring cleaning which included going above and beyond the normal chores to do things like mop the bathroom floor and take all our kitchen appliances off the counter to give everything a good scrub down. We also tackled some laundry. Fabio was not too pleased about any of this lol, but it must be done!

By this time it was nearing dinnertime so we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather a bit. We headed up the street to Pete’s New Haven pizza which has a nice outdoor seating area and allows dogs.

Ugh, he just closed his eyes when I went to snap this photo!

We split a medium margherita pizza and I’m not ashamed to tell you we ate every bite! Yum!!

We spent the rest of the evening folding laundry and watching Game of Thrones. You know, the really exciting things ;) haha!

Question of the day: Would you take your dog out to eat with you?

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