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Lose The Weight In 2012

Posted Jan 02 2012 6:30am
This post has been a long time coming.  I do not throw fitness advice around flippantly, and so after a year come January 6, 2012, I am ready to share with you a weight loss/fitness system that is healthy and actually works!  You don't have to clear your calendar to spend every spare moment in the gym, you don't have to empty your wallet to look and feel your best.

I have no hidden agenda.  I am not making any money by posting this and sharing it with you.  I simply want you to know there is an easier, better way to a healthy, beautiful body.  I don't want you to spend 2012 spinning your wheels at the gym and trying diet after diet going up and down the scale over and over or flat out seeing no results at all.

This is your year to get healthy and see jaw dropping results.

"J" before

"J" ..... 2 weeks later!

Before you read further you are going to have to open your mind and disregard all the information you have read in magazines and all the nutrition advice you have been given by the government, friends, trainers, and "experts."

For the last year I have been doing a diet and exercise program developed by Martin Berkhan, a nutrition consultant, personal trainer, and writer.  His website is called  Leangains  and it cost nothing to learn everything you need to know.  I will briefly describe what Martin suggests, but you are going to have to go to his site to get the details.  The best place to start is  The Leangains Guide  and then read all posts in the section titled "Most Popular."  There's a wealth of information in the comments and replies.  Don't skip over them.

In short, Leangains' biggest keys are intermittent fasting and low volume/heavy weight training.  Yes, fasting.  I don't eat for roughly 16 hours of my day and then I have an 8 hour window to eat.  This doesn't mean I starve myself; my calorie intake is between 1230 to 1850 calories a day. Martin sites numerous studies on intermittent fasting and the effects it has not only on fat loss, but muscle gain as well.  This flies in the face of "breakfast is the most important meal of the day."  I know, and that's why I said to leave your preconceived notions at the door.  Take a deep breath cause it gets worse, or better depending on how tied you are to your treadmill.

Most people who follow Leangains are in and out of the gym in under an hour and only go 3 times a week.  You can get off the eliptical and go for a light walk around your neighborhood or park.  Put down those wee, little pink and purple dumbbells because weight training, really heavy/low volume weight training, is one of the keys to unlocking the beautiful body you never knew you could have. Again, Martin has done a ton of research and you can read about it on his site.

Don't worry.  Proof you won't get bulky lifting heavy weights.  Here's a couple of examples of women who lift heavy and are nowhere near bulky

That's it in a nutshell and I'm sure you now have a million questions.  My question to you is do you have the guts to do what most "experts" will tell you is the exact opposite of what you're supposed to do?

I have no official "before" picture.  This is the
 best example I have of what I looked like,
thin to average but no muscle. 

And now my results so far with Lean Gains
-My body fat percentage was in the low to mid 20's when I started and I am now about 14-15%.  I know I started out at a perfectly healthy body fat percentage, but the stubborn fat, like the saddle bags on my thighs, made me self conscious.  I wanted to wear a bathing suit and feel confident and comfortable.

-I've lost 9 pounds.  My weight wasn't so much an issue, but I did lose weight.

-4 pregnancies had left my body squishy and saggy in places.  All that beautiful muscle has helped lift and shape those areas.

-I have gained tremendous strength and I am lifting weights that I never in a million years thought I could.

I happen to be one of those women who can put on a good bit of muscle mass.
Don't worry.  Most of the ladies I know who eat and train
like me (and can lift more weight than I can) aren't as muscular. 

-I have stopped swirling around on the waves of the fitness industry's advice.  You know what I mean.  Coffee is good.  No wait, coffee is bad.  Er... coffe is good again.  Eat lots of fat.  Eat low fat.  Eggs are terrible for you.  Eggs are so nutritious.  Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Pritikin....  If you are like I was, you are completely confused, extremely frustrated and seeing no results.

-My self esteem has improved and I love my body now.  It's no longer the enemy.

You are quite likely overwhelmed like I was when I stumbled upon all of this.  Please feel free to email me with questions.  Read and reread Martin's  website  and give it a try.  If you get nothing else from what I've written here, just try it.  What do you have to lose except those saddle bags, tummy pooch, and love handles?

Some other great resources to get you started

Join "Fierce.Fit.Fearless" on Facebook (for ladies only).
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results you can expect.  Email Jenn at to request to join.

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