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LLE- Living Learning Eating

Posted Oct 01 2011 12:00am

hey guys!! glad u loved the food yesterday!

today I’m taking the SATs, so I have  a special guest post for you guys from a super smart gal!


I’m the blogger/eater behind Living, Learning, Eating and I’m thrilled to be doing a Moves ‘N Munchies guest blog! I’m a college student, studying Molecular and Cellular Biology at Harvard University, and am an avid traveler, reader, and writer. This fall, I’m taking a semester off to explore my career interests by interning in a hospital – in Germany! I’m having a great time and am enjoying blogging about my experiences (and eats). Here I am (courtesy of Photo Booth)!
Excuse the wet hair, I just stepped out of the shower. :P

I’m fairly new on the blog scene, having just started my blog this July, but am already impressed by the strong community of food bloggers and the potential that lies therein. I think it’s fantastic that social media is being used as a tool for empowerment, self-expression, and community-building. That said, I would like to share some of my thoughts (and advice) about Living, Learning, and Eating.

Living -

Life is about the journey – not the result. Because what’s the result of life? Death. And wouldn’t it be sad if you spent your whole life striving towards death?
That said, you only have one life and it’s important to do what makes you happy. I know a ton of people who feel pressured to do certain things – become a lawyer/doctor/fill-in-the-blank, but don’t really love it. But even if you achieve success doing something you don’t love, that’s not really success – why not enjoy your life? And here’s the thing: people who love what they do are more successful. Period.

Here are a few questions that I like to ask myself when I’m deciding if something is right for me:

Would I do it for free?

Am I having fun?

Why (honestly) am I doing it?

What’s the point?

If I could do anything I wanted, would it be this?

The answer to the last one should be a resounding ‘yes.’ Because, if you try hard enough, you can do whatever you want (and I can, too)!

I love writing books , but not just because I got a positive review – I would love it even if no one ever read anything that I wrote.
And it’s worth investing time to determine what you love, as I am now with my (unpaid) internship in the hospital. Would you want a neurosurgeon operating on your brain if they weren’t fully invested in neurosurgery? I didn’t think so.

Learning -

Senior year can be really stressful – but it doesn’t have to be! My top tips for having a stress-free and successful senior year are to:

1) Start college applications early – don’t wait until the week before the deadline to send them in. They should be pretty much finished well before mid-terms – then you won’t have pressure from the time crunch and you’ll be relaxed enough to give a true depiction of yourself.

2) Don’t try to be something that you’re not in your application – if the school wouldn’t want you as you are, then maybe you aren’t a good fit. And that’s just fine.

3) Go on college visits – they might seem silly, but when April rolls around and you’re surprised to find that you’ve been accepted by multiple institutions of higher education, knowing what each place is like is really helpful. It doesn’t matter if the school ranks #1 according to USA Today, what is important is whether you can see yourself thriving there. Every school is what you make of it.

4) Apply for scholarships! FastWeb, the National Merit Scholarship Foundation, the Ron Brown Scholarship, the Coca Cola Scholarship, and the Sam Walton Scholarship are great places to start! And, trust me, you’ll be happy if you don’t have to stress about how to pay for school/books/supplies come fall. There’s a lot of money out there for young scholars! Don’t forget to check with your parents’ employers, as well as with any special-interest communities you may be involved in.

On a different note, learning does NOT end in the classroom! Take the opportunity to learn wherever you can – and you’ll be surprised at how your horizons will expand! I recommend internships, even if you don’t get paid. ;)

Eating -

Eating should be fun, not stressful. It’s all about enjoying what your body needs and making sure that you get your base of ‘healthy’ stuff (fruits, veg, whole grains, etc.) in, some moderate activity (no marathons required to be healthy!), and then enjoy the treats.

If you find that you can’t enjoy treats, or are worried that you (or a friend) may be suffering from an eating disorder (orthorexia, anorexia, bulimia, etc.) or ED-thinking, look out for these red flags:

Is eating not fun anymore?

Are you eating differently than you used to? Why?

Are you basing when and what you eat on things other than your hunger?

Is eating connected with emotion?

Are you concerned with volume-izing your food and eating ‘clean’?

Are any foods off-limits?

Has there been any weight loss?

Does what you’re eating look different than what your friends/family are eating? ‘Yes’ to the last one doesn’t necessarily mean you have an ED – but it’s a good thing to take a look at. And ‘no’ also doesn’t mean you don’t have an ED – friends, and even family, can have disordered eating patterns.

If any of your answers are unsettling, please seek help! Even the strongest people can’t recover alone – you aren’t an island and you aren’t your ED. You’re more than that and there’s so much potential in everyone! There’s no need for more senseless deaths from EDs (or potentials wasted by spending a lifetime worrying about weight, rather than more important things).

I’m a big fan of sweets, and I’m not dead! Food is nothing to be scared of! So, as a last thing (and to share some abs-love with the abs-blessed Carrie), this is for anyone who doesn’t believe that you can eat regular ice cream, cake, chocolate, and *gasp* fats/sugar/carbs and still have abs – or that you can just lead an active lifestyle and not ever work-out and still look fine:

Thanks for reading! Happy Living, Learning, and Eating! :)

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