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Living Beauty: Let the Sunshine In (Part 2)

Posted Aug 23 2012 6:00am
When exposed to sunshine, immunity of the skin is strengthened. Our skin has its own form of photosynthesis; it converts sunbeams into the regenerative substance, a steroidal hormone precursor, vitamin D. I like to think of vitamin D as golden drops of sun-fluid that we all need to function optimally. Vitamin D courses through the body, responsible for many body functions and for halting disease processes. The sun, via vitamin D, lets the cells know when it is time to die; cancerous tumors result when cells stop dying when they are supposed to, and yet the cells keep dividing causing disorganization in the body. Also, vitamin D (along with vitamin K2) is essential for proper absorption of calcium and other minerals into the bones and teeth. It promotes efficient neuromuscular functioning and plays a role in anti-inflammatory processes.
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