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Links of Interest: All You "Reality-Checked Diet"

Posted Jan 03 2010 12:00am
Every now and then I run across an article or website that I find interesting, informative or at least intriguing. Sometimes they're so good, I want to share them with you! Unfortunately, for some reason, I've only done that once or twice before, but this year, I'm going to plan on sharing with you any interesting tid-bits I find in my reading and web-surfing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

What prompted this whole thought was actually an article in the January issue of All You magazine, which is available only at WalMart (and, astonishingly, is not merely a venue for WalMart advertising - they actually highlight Target and other retail stores and their products on a regular basis!). I buy the All You magazines religiously, not only because they have great coupons, but also because I find the articles informative and interesting and actually applicable to my life (unlike, say, Vogue, which is so far removed from my life it's laughable!). I have gotten lots of great ideas and tips from this magazine.

This month, one of the feature articles was about their "Reality-Checked Diet". Reality-Checked means that actual women like you and me have tested the diet and provided their input about it. What I love about this "diet" is that it's not really a diet: we all know that diets set you up to fail, and the only way to achieve lasting change is to develop and maintain healthy habits, and this "diet plan" does exactly that. It's a 12-week process that introduces a new concept or habit each week to help you develop eating and exercising habits that are good for you. A nice by-product is that you will more than likely end up losing weight if you incorporate these habits into your daily lifestyle. The hard-copy (i.e. the actual magazine) is easier to navigate than the website, so if you're interested I'd recommend stopping by a Walmart and picking it up, but if you'd prefer, here's a link to their online version.

Another thing I love about this "diet" is that there is a great deal of personal involvement. That sounds like a no-brainer, but actually a lot of other "diet" plans just tell you what to eat and when to eat it and you just follow it rather mindlessly for the most part. This one trains you to actually think about what you're eating and why you're eating it, which is a great idea, because it's a lot easier to change your habits when you are mentally involved in the process.

For example, in Week 1, one assignment is to come up with a list of 15 reasons why you, personally, want to lose weight. Write them down and post them somewhere where you can read them periodically to maintain motivation. The reasons can be serious and inspirational, or just plain silly. I liked this idea so much I decided to give it a try. While I certainly have a few pounds I want to lose (ahem!), mostly, I want to maintain healthy habits more consistently than I have been, so I concentrated on coming up with 15 reasons why I want to eat more healthy this year. Fifteen reasons was a lot harder than I thought, so I stopped with ten! Here they are
1. I want to feel satisfied at the end of the day that I did not succumb to temptation, but instead ate foods that were nourishing and healthful.

2. I want to demonstrate healthy eating habits to my Certain Little Someone.

3. I want to be in shape before having another child (and to all curious family and friends reading this blog, no I am not pregnant and do not intend to be in the very near future! But when we DO decide to have another one, I want to be in shape ;) ).

4. I want to wear my skinny clothes again.

5. I want to buy skinny clothes again.

6. I want to be healthy.

7. I want to insure, as much as possible (I know nothing is guaranteed!), my future health.

8. I want to follow the instruction of Scripture: "Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

9. This is very shallow, but I just plain old want to look good! Not skinny so much as fit and healthy (clear skin, healthy hair, no extra flab, etc.).

10. I can't really think of a tenth reason; doesn't that just about cover it?!
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