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Light olive oil is bad!

Posted by Tamar F.

Do you remember David Rosengarten, who hosted Taste on the Food Network with Donna Hanover? He is still a real foodie (and Food Network, you now suck), with a free newsletter on I have found that he really knows what’s great out there. He has an assistant, Nancy Loseke, who is busy traveling the world for luscious olive oils.

Apparently, olive oil does NOT improve with age. The best, and healthiest stuff is fresh. We can’t really obtain this stuff in the US, but David Rosengarten has an olive oil club. Also, Ms. Loseke says that, “Virtually all olive oils labeled "light", and others, too, have been chemically refined with some of the same components used in leather glue.”

"Light" olive oil was actually a marketing hook concocted in the United States in the executive offices of a food-retailer. The only thing "light" about oil labeled this way is its flavor; it has as many calories as extra virgin olive oil.”

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I've always associated "light" olive oil as a lighter flavor (in case evoo would over-power). I've never thought of it as light on fat.
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