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Let Us All Learn to Forgive & Forget ~~ * ~~ MICCHAMI DUKKADAM ~~ * ~~

Posted Sep 11 2010 6:00am

The world is an imperfect place and everyone experiences the need for forgiveness. It is often easier to accept forgiveness than it is to give it. A person who holds unforgiveness in their hearts may become bitter and depressed and lose their joy in life. On this auspicious day let us all Forgive & Forget from inner of our hearts for whatever misdeeds or mis-behaviour whether knowingly or unknowingly occurred by ourselves to you through mind, thoughts, actions or speech during the past year. 

Michchhami Dukkadam on the occasion of Savantsari Maha Parva to all our readers

What is Forgiveness?Forgiveness is the act of pardoning a fault and in so doing, giving up resentment, wrath and all rights to restitution.
When is Forgiveness Necessary?When a person has caused hurt, often without apology, forgiveness is necessary to bring freedom to the one wronged. If the hurt is held onto, it will cause feeling of resentment and anger which in time can mushroom into deep bitterness.
What if the Wrong is too big to Forgive?In the Bible, Jesus instructed His disciples to forgive 70X70. This was a picture to show that forgiveness should be without measure. Resentment and bitterness may have a slight effect on the person who inflicted the harm, but often, they are not even aware of it. The only one suffering is the holder of the unforgiveness. They have effectively locked themselves into a cage of negative emotions.
Kshamavani day is a day of forgiving and seeking forgiveness for the people of Jain community. Kshamavani festival is also known as ‘khamat khamna’ .On the day of Kshamavani or ‘khamat khamna’ People beg of forgiveness for any type of sins or wrongdoings done intentionally or unintentionally during the year. This is one of the days when people take all the responsibility of any sorrow, pain, or anguish caused by them to others.
On this auspicious occasion of Paryushan we wish you all Michhami Dukkadam! 
Kshamapana Sutra with Meaning 
KHAAMEMI SAVVE JEEVA (I grant forgiveness to all living beings) SAVVE JEEVA KHAMANTU ME (May all living beings grant me forgiveness) METTI ME SAVVE BHUYESU (My friendship is with all living beings) VAIRAM MAJHAM NA KENAI (My enemy is totally non-existent) 
MICHHAMI DUKKADAM With best wishes and prayers for the well-being of all things living......!

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