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Let's Go Hoosiers!!!

Posted May 20 2009 12:21pm
This week/end is the Big 10 Conference Baseball Tournament. IU is ranked 3rd this year, which is awesome for the team as their baseball program hasn't been very strong in the past.
JJ absolutely loves the guys on the team, and has had such a great season, so I decided to make some cookies to send with them on the bus to Columbus, OH, where the tourney is.
I have had so much fun going to all of the home games this year, and hope to make it to the tournament this weekend if they're still in it and going strong. If you're in the Big 10 Network viewing area, be sure to check it out! Their first game is tomorrow at 3:30.

Baseball Sugar Cookies: My Famous Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing (I was going to pipe IU's on them, but ran out of red!). I made a double recipe and got 100 baseballs. I used a 3" biscuit cutter to cut them out.

I wanted to make them another kind of cookie that would be a crowd pleaser and I could make IU colors (cream and crimson). I thought automatically to make M&M cookies, but I didn't want to go to the candy store and buy the red M&M's because they're $19.99/lb, a little ridiculous! However, I was at Michaels (craft store) and saw they now carry single colored M&M's in little bags, and you can use the 40% off coupon, so I was able to buy just red. I almost got the cream too, but they were more white, and I decided to put in white chocolate chips instead. I'm pretty sure I was a little heavy on the baking powder because these puffed up, but they were still great! Here's the recipe!

And here's the only photo I have of JJ on the field. The ump got hit by a wild pitch and he went out to check on him. He's such a star... haha.
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