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Let’s go to a ball

Posted Mar 04 2013 12:44pm

Hey guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was fantastic and I did a lot of fun stuff so let’s jump right into a recap, shall we?


I didn’t feel like doing anything crazy on Friday night, especially since I have been going out a lot these last few weekends . I really wanted a break from the bar scene, so I talked my girlfriends into going to a movie.

Everyone seemed to be on the same page (I guess we are all getting pretty tired of the bars!) and a group of six of us headed to the movie theater in Gallery Place/Chinatown for a 9:20 viewing of Silver Linings Playbook.

After having just finished reading the book , I could not wait to watch the movie. I have to say that although the movie and the book were pretty different, I wound up really liking both of them! Normally I prefer books to movies, but in this case they were different enough that I can say that I really enjoyed them both. I highly recommend reading the book and seeing the movie!

Once the movie finished, my friends and I all parted ways and I headed back home. I wound up getting to sleep around 12:30, which was way better than the post-3 am bedtimes I was getting used to last weekend! It was so nice to just have a relaxing Friday with my girlfriends :)


On Saturday morning Fabio and I woke up nice and early to get a three mile run out of the way as part of our half marathon training plan .

One thing that I have noticed after playing around with different routes in my neighborhood is that I live on top of a hill. While this makes the beginning of my runs (or bike rides) very easy, the way home is always torture!!

I’ve noticed my first mile or so is always super speedy since it’s all downhill and then my last mile home is always the pace of a snail since I have to conquer all those big hills. Phew! At least I’ll be in good shape for the St. Michael’s half marathon , which supposedly is a really flat course.

Hooray for early morning weekend runs!

After our run, Fabio and I showered up and headed over to my mom’s house to get ready for the hunt ball ! As I mentioned on Friday, my stepdad is a foxhunter which basically means he follows a pack of dogs on horseback. The dogs run all over the place trying to find foxes, so it’s just a big long chase on horseback. Every year his foxhunting group has a “ball” to give awards to members and raise money.

We got to my mom’s nice and early so we had time to relax a bit, eat some lunch, and catch up with my mom and stepdad. Soon it was time to get ready!

The attire is obviously formal so Fabio got to break out his tux that he hasn’t worn since we were in Rome . I got to wear a pretty dress that I got for last year’s ball at a little boutique in Virginia.

I also had some pretty fun accessories:

So much fun, right?

Before we left for the ball, a few of my mom’s and setpdad’s friends came over for cocktails. We took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures, of course!


Wahh I wish this one wasn’t blurry :(

Eventually it was time to leave for the ball!

The  ball reminded me a lot of a wedding; we each were given a card telling us which table we were supposed to sit at and there was an open bar, a live band, and of course, hors d’oeuvres! Plus a lot of great food!

We started off with a house salad with the most delicious honey mustard dressing, followed by steak and then cheesecake for dessert. Everything tasted great!

When our friends texted us asking if we were planning to go out that night, we had a little fun telling them where we were instead ;)

As soon as dinner was finished my mom and stepdad headed out the dance floor!

They are like pros!

Eventually the band started playing some really great songs and Fabio and I headed out to the dance floor along with pretty much everyone else who was there. It was so much fun!

The ball was a ton of fun and we all had a really great time :)

I can’t wait for next year’s ball!


On Sunday morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast that my stepdad cooked for us complete with bacon and egg sandwiches with sausage hash!

Omg he is such a great cook. This breakfast was delicious and I ate every single bite. Fabio and I joked a bit because I never buy real bacon for us (always turkey bacon) and it was a miracle for him to eat the real thing. Haha!

My stepdad also made us homemade mini crepes with a cherry filling. So unnecessary after the huge breakfast, but I couldn’t say no!


After eating, we packed up our things and headed back to Virginia. It was so nice to spend so much time with my family this weekend!

Later in the afternoon Fabio and I tackled an easy two mile run.

I say “easy” because it was only two miles and our pace was pretty slow, but it was anything but easy! After spending the night taking full advantage of the open bar and free food, Fabio and I were feeling pretty sluggish. It was a miracle we made it out on a run at all! Haha.

After our run we relaxed on the couch for a bit before heading out to run some errands. I did manage to pick up a couple of new bikinis for my upcoming trip to Punta Cana !

BTW Target has so many cute bathing suits out right now, which are all much more affordable than the ones I was looking at at Victoria’s Secret. Just saying!

Fabio and I finished the evening up by watching Shameless on the couch. Love that show.

Question of the day: Where do you buy bathing suits? Do you like books or movies better? What do you think of the ball we went to?


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