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LCHF Lifestyle..

Posted Jun 11 2010 6:20am

As I was looking up a recipe that I shall post later, I came across this abbreviation LCHF, which stood for a diet plan. Can you figure out what it means? If not, here's the answer: High fat, low carb. What? Yeah, I didn't get it at first either and my opinion is still biased on the matter. How can something high in fat contribute to a healthy life style? Wouldn't your body store fat? Wouldn't your cholesterol level sky rocket? Wouldn't heart failure be more prominent? Uh, I'd think so. This reminds me of the Atkins diet but..let's see what the facts say.

First off this diet, excuse me, "life style" was founded in Sweden by a woman named Dr. Annika Dahlqvist who presented this diet to some of her diabetic patients in order for them to lose weight. Many individuals adapted this lifestyle in hopes to lose weight without feeling as if they lost a part of them and don't feel restricted - don't we all? Pretty much, you reduce your carbs about 5% and replace the missing calories with fat. So, less bread, pasta, rice, crackers, etc. and more fruits, vegetables, meats, and fat. I theory, it sounds logical and this is my assumption: because you're satisfying the crave of something luscious with the excusable fat, you would reach satisfaction. After all, chocoholics crave chocolate, right? So give them chocolate, they will be satisfied if it is purebred chocolate. Any substitution won't do. Now for celiacs, this diet seems plausible because we already have reduced the intake of carbs because, well, we can't eat wheat, obviously; but, it sucks for vegetarians and vegans because that eliminates beans from our diet. Beans are a source of carbs as well, even though they are classified as a protein. Tempeh would be out of the picture because of the rice added into the soy during processing. Even though it sounds unrealistic, think of the raw vegans who have pretty much been doing this already.

Raw foodists supplement their missing carbohydrate count with essential oils and heavy fats, like coconut and avocado, to give them energy. And obviously reducing your carbohydrate sugars would benefit any diabetic patient. I've taken some results from some individuals from their blogs:

"I’ve been fighting with this cholesterol for years and years and have had to take a lot of medicine (and still am). I’ve tried and tried to eat “healthy” (what ever that means) lots of vegetables, low-fat meat, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal rice, low fat products when it comes to milk, yogurt, cream, crème fraiche, sour milk, butter, margarine and so on. The only result of all this trying have been more kilos on my body (will not tell you how many), higher cholesterol and high blood pressure. Every time I came to my doctor she reprehends me and said that I had to eat healthier. What would you have done in my situation if you had made everything that you had been told to do?

I’ve been very depressed both over my rising weight, cholesterol and blood pressure, but now I think I’ve found my kind of diet. LCHF = Low Carb High Fat diet. I‘ve nearly been saved on this kind of diet. It seems so very right for me anyhow. As I told you before, my cholesterol has gone down and I’ve lost 4.5 kg (9.92 pounds) since the beginning of December, and hopefully I will lose weight in the future too.

" - Eva, from Eva From Sweden

I've been on this diet since November. Its a diet where you cut out all carbs and only eat vegetables that grow above the ground (all types of cabbage, haricoverts, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers, aubergine, spinach, zucchini, etc, etc) all types of meat, fish, and full fat products like creme fraiche, hard cheese, cream, real butter.
I think the closest thing to this diet is the atkins diet. You basically only eat things that are below 5g of carbs per 100 gram.
I was really sick and tired of counting carbs and still having both highs and lows, it stressed me out soooo much and after reading about this diet i thought i should give it a try for a couple of days just to see what happens. I noticed that i didn't need as much insulin so i continued, and not i don't need any insulin at all and my blood sugar stays at around 4-5. (I AM A LADA AND STILL PRODUCE QUITE A LOT OF INSULIN) so it must be that my own insulin production still covers the small amounts of carbs in the vegetables that i eat.
I started on some low carb diet before which was also low in fat, and that made me extremely hungry so i gave up straight away. But with this diet you have to add fat and that makes you feel full a lot faster and longer. So i've lost 12 kgs. Ive gone from being overweight to really slim, and feeling a lot healthier than before. What keeps me going is the fact that pasta, bread and rice contain almost no vitamins and minerals, most of what it contains is carbs that turn into sugar in our blood, and i don't need that!!!
i feel a lot more energetic and my body uses fat as energy rather than sugar. And yes, the brain needs sugar, but the body produces sugar by itself from the small amounts of carbs in the vegetables and also from the protein I eat. Our ancestors didn't eat the same amounts of carbs that we eat." - Delores from

Now I found this slightly controversial one.

"While the facts below check out, and I firmly believe that current food dogma high in refined flour and sugar is all out wrong, one diet does not fit all. There is no magic wand to health and slimness, no matter how much we want to believe it.

Personally I followed LCHF more or less strictly for almost a year, for sakes of my IBS, not weight loss. While my IBS went away almost completely, I found it too difficult to maintain for practical reasons (try finding high fat food in M&S, or even low carb meals...) and I also found other for me adverse health effects that may or may not have been because of the LCHF food regime. I have decided to mix in a bit more carbs in my diet (100 to 250 grams per day), but continue to stay away as much as practically possible from wheat, white rice, refined flour and sugar. Hoping that my IBS will stay away still, or I will make another stab at more strict low carb.

That said, if it is weight loss you are after, or suspect your IBS is carb/wheat related, LCHF is something to read up on. Don't just follow the hype though, make an informed decision based on the wealth of information available. And if you do try it I recommend you keep a food diary at first so you can track how it affects you." Mangus from Tummyrumble .

So there is a point behind it all. You need to find the way of eating to feel good. You shouldn't feel tired all the time. You shouldn't have constant aches, pains, or stomach upsets. You shouldn't feel constipated or have frequent movements. You shouldn't feel heartburn and you shouldn't have acid reflux. Even though there are books upon books that dub eating styles a certain diet, that doesn't mean you can't create the you diet. Eat what benefits you the most in health, not just because someone said so. It's always okay to splurge once in a while but don't make it a habit. Habits can turn bad, which cause us to get sick. Be good to yourself and the primary key into a healthy eating habit is simple: eat natural and healthy foods. We weren't eating Little Debbie or Tastykakes way back when, were we? No. We ate what was raised and could afford. That's how it should be.

And after reading and observing blogs that spotlight chicken..I really want chicken. I might just try it again and hope I won't get sick. Last time I tried..I actually gagged which was depressing and funny at the same time..

And because this post is so long, I'm going to post two recipes with hardly any description since I said my peace here.

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