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Late to Bed, Early to Rise

Posted Jun 06 2011 9:20am
Good Morning to everyone!  I hope you all slept well and are having a fabulous start to your week!  Even though Mark and I stayed up late to watch Secretariat I was still up right around 7Am!  The only other person up this morning was my mom!  However it was not such a good morning here.  No nothing bad happened I just woke up with these insanely puffy eyes!  I mean my eyes are swollen and I look like I have not slept in years!  I am wondering if the swelling was caused by an eye cream I have not used in a while!  Anyways I took some allergy medicine and I am praying this swelling goes down before my meet and greet at the Mayo Clinic!

And no sorry I did not take a picture!  Because looking in the mirror was a bit scary, I don't want to horrify you while your at work or wherever you are!

I took my time this morning making breakfast!  My mom had set out the steel cut oats last night for me to make ahead of time.  But to be completely honest making oatmeal was not high on the priority list!  What was high on the priority list was making a yummy dinner with Mark, and enjoying the evening with Mark and my parents!  So since I did not do the prep work on the oats this morning I had to wait 30 minutes for my usual bowl of steel cut oats!  However this morning waiting to eat was not a problem.  I wasn't particularly hungry when I woke up (I am going to say because of all the yummy cupcakes), so I took my time in preparing my oatmeal!  By time the oats had cooked there full 30 minutes I got the first signs of hunger, and eagerly topped my oats and dove right in.
Breakfast of champions right there!

Believe it or not there is no banana in my morning oatmeal mix!  A banana just did not sound appealing this morning, I know I have no idea what is wrong with me!  Instead in my empty Dark Chocolate Dream peanut butter jar I plopped my fresh oats topped with some Better N' Peanut Butter and this Strawberry-Guava Jam that is from Hawaii!  Its a PB&J sandwich oatmeal style!  Yummy!  I also enjoyed a small thing of fruit, and huge glass of water (feeling a bit dehydrated)!  The blobs of jelly were a nice sweet touch to my oats, without being overly sweet!  I did not sweeten my oats today, but used some vanilla and cinnamon!  Yum!
An added bonus to breakfast... I got to eat on our back deck!  I miss having a deck or a porch, I forgot how much I love to sit outside on a nice night or even an early morning.  Plus to eat breakfast and look out at this,  is not a bad set up or start to your morning!
Anyways, time to get back to work on the job search!  We are heading out to the club later for a workout, and then who knows! Enjoy your day, and remember to live Happily Ever Healthy!
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