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Labor Day Weekend 2013

Posted Sep 03 2013 2:21pm


Hey there! I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend!

First of all, I’d like to announce that the winner of the Tony Horton workout and 5K race is my friend Jess from JessJamz . I can’t wait to have her join me for the workout this Thursday and the 5K this Saturday!! I know my butt is going to get kicked by Tony. Oh well, it should be a really cool experience! I will keep you all updated, of course!

Now let’s get to some highlights from this weekend, shall we? I have a lot to cover, so bear with me!


After work on Friday (I got out of work at 3:00 pm!! Woohoo!!) Fabio took me to Sushi Rock , one of my favorite local restaurants. We started with some drinks, of course! Here’s to the weekend!

2013-08-30 16.59.30

Then we split some dumplings. Nom. 2013-08-30 17.05.01

Next we ordered a few rolls. We got a sticky fingers roll (eel with pear and avocado), Philadelphia roll (salmon, cream cheese, and avocado), and a spicy tuna roll (…with avocado). When the rolls arrived we realized all of them had avocado in them! Haha we had no idea! Oh well, Fabio and I are both huge fans of avocados, so we didn’t mind one bit! 2013-08-30 17.19.48

Here’s the spicy tuna… 2013-08-30 17.19.52

And the Philly roll. 2013-08-30 17.19.56

And then my favorite…sticky fingers! Fabio tried the eel and said, “This one is great! What is it, chicken?” I told him it wasn’t chicken but I didn’t tell him what it actually was until the end! Haha. I just had a feeling that if he knew it was eel he might be grossed out. When our meal was complete and I told him what it was he said he really liked the eel! Woohoo! Making progress with my picky eater lol. 2013-08-30 17.20.03

After sushi Fabio and I headed to the Clarendon dark park, which finally reopened. It closed in July of 2012  (this is why having a blog comes in handy sometimes!). The dog park was supposed to reopen in the spring of this year, but after a bunch of government set-backs and budget issues it was really delayed. Nearly two million dollars and a year and a half(ish) later, it’s finally open again. Any long-time CET readers will remember that Fabio and I used to take Jack to this dog park almost every day! We are definitely happy to have it back.

Anyway, before we left for the dog park Fabio decided to make us some gin and tonics for the walk over ;) I was a little nervous about getting in trouble for drinking in public (I hate breaking any kind of rule!) but it all worked out fine and we enjoyed some beverages on our nice one mile walk to the park.
2013-08-30 18.45.24 We couldn’t believe how nice the dog park was when we arrived! (I mean it ought to be after spending so much time and money on it…)

Check out the fountain! 2013-08-30 18.56.55 The dogs really liked it ;) 2013-08-30 18.58.55 We hung out at the dog park for a while longer and then made the walk back home. We saw this really cool Trolley Pub go by that was basically a huge bike bar steered by a driver in the front. They went up and down the streets of Clarendon and it looked like so much fun! I will definitely have to get some friends together soon to try this out.

Sorry for the blurry picture! 2013-08-30 19.49.14 We also saw this sign on our walk, which I thought was hilarious.  2013-08-30 19.55.55 Gotta try out that place too!

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching Breaking Bad. It was such a great way to kick off the long weekend!


On Saturday morning Fabio and I lounged around a bit before heading out on our long run of the week. I think we were feeling lazy and just wanted to enjoy our time relaxing. At about 9:30 we finally got our butts in gear and headed out the door.

Last week Fabio bought us some new running gear to help keep us hydrated during our long runs! What a guy, that one.

In the winter/early spring when we trained for our last half marathon, we didn’t really find ourselves needing too much water mid-run, since it was pretty cold and we didn’t get overheated. However with these hot and humid August temps, we have both been looking for a solution to having water on the go.

By the end of eight miles last week I was sooo thirsty I almost considered stopping in Chipotle or Starbucks and asking them for a free water cup (I didn’t have my wallet). True story. #embarrassing

After last week’s run we both decided we really needed to have water on any more long runs, so Fabio generously bought me this new water belt (he got one for himself too except he didn’t get pink! Haha.)
2013-08-31 09.40.28 We both had the bounce-free hydration belt from Nathan and it worked really well! I had to wear my belt really high up on my waist to keep it from sliding up, but other than it worked out great! I highly recommend this belt if you are in the market for a way to drink water on the run.

The run itself, however, did not go so well. Fabio and I were really kicking ourselves for sleeping in so late because by the time we really got into our run, we were dying in the heat and humidity.

I made us pause at mile 2 for a water break, and found myself already exhausted. Uh oh. I felt like I was being a baby but I just really didn’t want to keep going in the heat. It was miserable. I whined a bit and then forced myself to keep going. Then at mile 3.4(ish) we stopped for a red light and I had some more water. I wanted to stop and rest on a bench for a bit because it was so hot.

At this point Fabio got frustrated with me since I kept wanting to stop and I was mad at myself for being a baby over the heat. At first I was determined to keep running all nine miles, but then Fabio admitted that he was having a really hard time with the run too. It was just too hot!

In the end we decided to switch our nine mile attempt for the three mile run that we had planned for Sunday, and decided to try again for nine miles the next day. We thought that if we woke up earlier the run would be easier, and man were we right. We wound up doing the nine miles on Sunday (more on that in a minute) and it went SOOO much better. Phew.

Here were our splits for the three-miler:

  • Mile One: 8:03
  • Mile Two: 8:13
  • Mile Three: 9:08

Not bad, actually. Too bad it was just so hot and miserable. Ugh.

After our failed run, we headed home, cleaned up and ran some errands. Fabio and I are in the market for a desk for our apartment so we checked out a few furniture stores in DC. We tried to be sophisticated and look at “real” furniture, but I have a feeling we will just wind up getting something from Ikea haha. It’s just so cheap, and we are always on a budget.

After shopping around we stopped for lunch at the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl!

2013-08-31 13.34.16-1

Oh hey Bill. Hey Barack ;)

2013-08-31 13.34.19 After lunch we decided to stay on the shopping streak and hit up some of the cute shops in Clarendon. I picked up two pairs of paints and a top from Ann Taylor LOFT. They were having a great sale! I got a pair of cute red pants for fall for $12. What?! How does that even happen?
2013-08-31 17.29.27 We also took Jack to the dog park again. Haha! I think we are all just so happy to have it open! Jack is definitely a spoiled pup.

Then it was time for dinner! Fabio cooked us some steaks and I made asparagus and mashed potatoes with Greek yogurt and skim milk. Yum. It was another fun evening!
2013-08-31 20.22.19 Sunday

As I mentioned, Fabio and I woke up at 6:30 am on Sunday to attempt our nine-mile run again. This time it went great!! The weather was much cooler, and the streets were practically deserted. It was so nice to run around the monuments and tidal basin and feel like you have the whole city to yourself!


2013-09-01 08.09.01 Here were our splits:

  • Mile One: 8:30
  • Mile Two: 8:50
  • Mile Three: 8:59
  • Mile Four: 9:10
  • Mile Five: 9:09
  • Mile Six: 9:03
  • Mile Seven: 9:09
  • Mile Eight: 9:25
  • Mile Nine: 9:54

That darn hill always gets me at the end! But all in all, I was really pleased with this time! The run went great and reminded me how enjoyable a long run can be. The water belt really helped too, and I was able to schedule our water breaks at more manageable increments. Woohoo!

After our run, Fabio and I did some major cleaning around the apartment and then did our grocery shopping for the week. After that we met up with Fabio’s sister and headed into Falls Church for some birthday celebrations!

Fabio’s cousin and aunt both celebrated their birthdays this week, so we had a nice lunch with them. Ice cream cake for dessert!

2013-09-01 17.09.03

We left Fabio’s aunt’s house around 6:00 pm and spent the rest of the evening relaxing at home. Oh, we also took Jack to the dog park again ;) I told you, we’re obsessed. Haha.


On Monday morning we did something really fun- we played tourists for the day and did the DC Duck tour! Fabio and I took the metro to Union Station, where our tour began. Here’s our “duck” for the day! 2013-09-02 11.47.55-1 I felt like such a tourist doing this tour, but I really enjoyed it. I think Fabio was a little embarrassed at first (like when the Captain asked where everyone was from and we had to answer Arlington amid all the answers like Texas and North Carolina…) but he was a good sport about it.  2013-09-02 12.24.14 My favorite part was when the “duck” went into the water! It was a beautiful day to spend on the Potomac. 2013-09-02 12.28.08 We even got these nerdy little duck callers lol. Quack! 2013-09-02 12.49.14-1 The best part by far though was just learning so much history about our city. It’s ridiculous that we live so close to DC, and yet all we ever do is go to and from work and, let’s be honest, the bars. We don’t know nearly enough about our city, and I really enjoyed hearing more about it. 2013-09-02 13.09.55 For example, did you know the U.S. Capitol building (spelled with an “O”!) has no street address? That’s because it sits right in the center of all four quadrants of DC. In fact, if you follow the statue at the top all the way down to the ground floor, there’s a circle that shows where all four quadrants are. If you stand correctly in that circle, you can be in NW, NE, SE, and SW DC all at the same time!

Also, the left side of the Capitol (from this view) is the House of Representatives and the right half is the Senate. When the flag on their side is flying, it means they are in session. Who knew? 2013-09-02 13.10.46 Later in the afternoon we hung out with Fabio’s aunt and cousin a bit more, since they had to catch a bus out of Rosslyn to go back to New York. We took them to see a few of the sights of our area, including Iwo Jima. This statue never gets old.

2013-09-02 15.41.51 After they left, Fabio and I decided to take Jack to the dog park one more time, as a last Labor Day Weekend hoorah. Haha. Then we relaxed some more at home!

Phew. That recap was longer that I expected. All in all it was a great relaxing and fun weekend!

Question of the day: What did you do this weekend?


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