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Keep The Immune System Running Through The Holidays

Posted Dec 29 2009 12:00am

I feel like this time between Christmas and New Year’s gives a little space for our immune system to take a big old sigh of relief and start doing what it can to repair and build itself ] a little. So while you are busy driving all over your fair country visiting family and friends and going from one sugar fest to the next, I suggest you consider what you can do to pick your immune system up off the soggy, alcohol sodden floor.

I feel like the immune system is this mysterious thing in our body. It’s not like the liver or the heart or any other specific organ that we can pinpoint and describe. The immune system is more like a series of bits and pieces that work together to form a total body defense. Part of it is the glands and nodes and there are hundreds of these guys- many located  in our neck/throat, armpits and crochety crotch region, there is the lymphatic system that runs side-by-side with our veins that carry waste matter away, and a massive part is in the lowest bit of our small intestine. The thing is, we need all of these bits and pieces to be nourished, cleansing and replenishing in order for the total system to do it’s job.

Unfortunately, there are many things we do during the holidays that kick this system while its down. The main immune system killers:
1. Sugar/Alcohol
2. Too much food (and bad food at that)
3. Lack of sleep
4. Making out with strangers at holiday shindigs.

Now, for my holiday party survival guide, might I suggest the following:

Holiday Party Survival Guide

  • Drinking is optional! Cranberry and soda is delicious!
  • Eat a small healthy snack before the party so you don’t arrive starving
  • Get a plate! Take assorted appetizers onto your plate instead of grazing
  • Bring a dish to a potluck that could serve as your entire healthy meal.
  • Don’t be shy about asking what something is, or asking for yours to be plain
  • Keep to the lighter desserts- fruit and cookies, or small slices of the ones you want to try.
  • Find someone to split a larger dessert with.
  • Keep drinking water
  • Avoid the “But it’s the holidays” mentality- every action has a reaction and a result- Will your action produce the results you are after.
  • Careful of canoodling- Germs do spread! Keep hands washed and away from the face.
  • Get as much rest and exercise as you can.

For more info, you might just want to download the newly released Mp3 Healthy Through The Holidays. Your $9.99 purchase will include the option to download for free, the 8 page accompanying handout with all the highlights and few holiday recipes.  And don’t forget about the 20% off ‘freshstart2010‘ discount you can apply to this purchase(details at the bottom)

Healthy Through The Holidays (52 min. Mp3 + Highlight Handout)

Staying on a healthy eating plan can be tough throughout the year. It becomes even tougher around the holiday season. Not only are we tempted by the goodies and beverages being served at all the holiday parties, we are also under more stress as we work longer hours, attend more functions and cope with more family than we may normally be accustomed to. All of this takes its toll on our immune system. In this lecture you will:

  • What is the immune system?
  • Immune system busters
  • Immune system boosters
  • Learn how to navigate the holiday buffet tables, pot luck dinners and evenings of indulgence
  • Acquire tips and tricks keep your immune system strong and fighting
  • Discover some healthy holiday meal and dish ideas

Using humour, relevant and simple explanations, and practical solutions, Meghan will leave you inspired and motivated to keep yourself healthy through the holidays!
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