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Justification for healthy cooking

Posted by Nancy B.

Registered dietician Carmen Gorniak makes one of the best arguments in favor of home cooking that I’ve read recently. Not only is it healthier than fast foods, we eat less at home than we do at restaurants, it is a creative outlet and it saves money, she says in an article in the Green Bay Press. Gorniak says you can equip your kitchen for healthy meals with only these 10 ingredients:

1) fruits

2) vegetables

3) beans

4) flour and pasta

5) peanut butter

6) pasta sauce

7) fish fillets

8) lean cut meat

9) whole or mixed grain breakfast cereal and

10) eggs or an egg substitute.

See her column

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I agree with home cooking.  You gave all the right reasons.  I'll add that it's a great family time, everyone in the kitchen and around the counter.  It's a good example for the kids and grandkids, a time to turn off the TV and re-connect with food, friends and family, and it prepares us to eat MINDFULLY.  Love your pantry!
I would also add herbs and nuts to that list. There are varieties of nuts that have different nutrients than peanuts and herbs also have qualities not found in all vegetables. Plus, those ingredients help create healthy meals in a creative way. While I'm thinking of it, I would also add seafood, which is not the same as a fish. They have a good, "meaty" texture that some people like better than fish, as well as being very nutritious.
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