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Juicing green

Posted Nov 11 2009 8:32pm

Hi all, I am new to this site, thought it looked good.

Well I have just finished a food shop at my local supermarket in Perth, western Australia. It's a nice little local supermarket. I have unpacked and just finished making my green juice for the day.

Spinach, Lime and mint Tonic

2 large bunches of English Spinach (juice it)

2large handfuls of fresh Mint leaves from my organic veggie garden (juice it)

The Juice from 7 limes.

1titre of filtered water

1tablespoon of natural sugar Xylitol. (Found in any good heath food shop)

Heat a small amount of water with the sugar until disolved then add the rest of the cold filtered water and the green juice add some ice and that's it, a fantastic heathly tonic.

This is tonic is great for ladies going through their cycle and need all the goodness they can get, people that are going through hormonal flucuations or those that just want to detox and need a feel good juice packed with vitamins and minerals every morning.

Full of minerals: Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium and other trace elements. Along with that it also contains alot of vitamins A, B group, C and K. 


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