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Journaling For Weight Loss

Posted May 13 2008 5:32pm 2 Comments

People who keep a food journal are more successful losing weight than those who don’t. Studies prove it over and over again. That’s why many weight loss plans like Weight Watchers require it.

It’s all that’s necessary for the first three weeks of Mireille Guiliano’s #1 best seller French Women Don’t Get Fat. In her book Fit From Within : 101 Simple Secrets to Change Your Body and Your Life - Starting Today and Lasting Forever, Victorian Moran encourages us to “Write what you eat and keep on writing.”

Why does keeping a food journal help people lose weight and maintain their weight loss?

It provides a wealth of knowledge about our eating habits, food and beverage choices, emotional patterns, as well as all the previously unconscious sips and snacks that pass our lips daily. Sometimes this is all that’s needed to increase awareness enough to modify behaviors and lose weight.

Grab a notebook and become an objective observer of your eating habits, without judgement or shame, like a scientist conducting an experiment. Watch, look, observe, record and learn everything you can about your eating behaviors.

Choose the system that will work best– notebook, journal, day planner or computer. I keep a little notebook in my purse. It’s helpful to record your observations and food intake as close to the time it occurs as possible. Waiting until the end of the day will be less accurate. Include what you eat/drink, thoughts, feelings, time of day, as well as where, when, and with whom you ate.

The process often reveals patterns and habits that have gone unnoticed. I became cognizant of my propensity to snack while preparing dinner and now chew sugarless gum and keep a glass of bubbly water handy while cooking.

If you’re ready to get serious about losing weight give journaling a try. Let me know what you discover and if it helps with your weight loss goals.

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Keeping a food journal is the only way I can achieve any success at losing weight.
It's so true. I think the key is that it increases our awareness and makes us more conscious of what we are eating. It's so easy to get in the trap of mindless munching.
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