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Jain Shahi Paneer

Posted Aug 11 2010 6:32am
Jain Shahi Paneer is one of the easiest paneer dish I make for my kids whenever they demand for paneer, they just love to eat...I served them with Puri's , as it also goes very well with Naan, Roti & Rice. Please Note: The spices used in MDH brand Shahi Paneer Masala, do have dried onion & garlic flakes into it..You can also use a different brand, or mere garam masala gives the magic taste to it..
What is Paneer ?
Paneer is one of the few types of cheese indigenous to the Indian subcontinent, and is widely used in Indian cuisine and even some Middle Eastern andSoutheast Asian cuisine. Unlike most cheeses in the world, the making of paneer does not involve rennet (which may be derived from animal, plant, fungal, and microbial sources) as the coagulation agent. Paneer is completely lacto-vegetarian and is a source of protein for Vegetarians. Firm tofu has a similar texture and consistency so it can be used in place of paneer as a non-dairy substitute.

How to make home made paneer:

For home made, softer paneer, I used 1/2 gallon of milk to 1/4 cup of vinegar, then in a medium pot, bring milk to boil, now slowly add vinegar to this milk while continuoulsly stirring, withing 5-10 seconds, milk should start to seperate from whey, now switch of the stove and let the pot sit for few mins. Take a colander and line it with cheese cloth or thin cotton cloth & place it over a large bowl, pour the above milk in this colander..Now very carefully take all the sides of cloth tie it & hang it for approximately 20 mins, bring it down and fold the cloth over smoothely across paneer. Now place a heavy weight on top for another 10 mins, open the cloth and cut paneer into desired shapes...

Cooking Time - 15-20 mins
Preparation /Marinate Time - 7 hrs
Serves - 4

Ingredients for Shahi Paneer 250 gms Paneer (cottage cheese) 1 C Bell Pepper (cut in big pieces)
For Marination 3/4 C beaten, Yogurt 1/2 tsp Garam masala 1/2 Red chilli powder1/4 tsp Tandoor Masala ( I used MDH brand)1/4 tsp Amchoor (Dry Mango) PowderA pinch Salt
For Gravy 1/2 C Half-n-half or Whole Milk 15oz Tomato Sauce/Puree1 Tbsp Cashew / Peanut Powder1 " Chopped, Ginger2 Chopped, Green chillies 1/4 tsp Cardamom powder1-1/2 tsp Shahi Paneer Masala ( I used MDH)1 Tbsp Butter1/4 tsp sugar taste1 Tbsp Chopped Coriander / Cilantro2 tsp Kasoori Methi Salt to taste

Method 1. Cut paneer into 2 inches lengthwise & marinate in spicy yogurt, adding all the ingredients mentioned in Marination & set aside for 6-7 hrs in fridge.2. Heat some butter/oil,add ginger, green chilli, cashew/peanut powder, cardamom & bell-pepper fry for 4-5 minutes. 3. Add tomato sauce/puree and cook till oil starts seperating, now add marinated yogurt and cook for another 5 -7 minutes. 4. Add shahi paneer masala, once it starts to boil, add half-half, Kasoori Methi (rubbed between palms), sugar, salt to taste. OR you could also, before serving, heat gravy, add milk and paneer pieces and boil for 5 minutes.5. Garnish with chopped coriander and grated paneer.
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