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Italy Recap: Rome Part II

Posted Jul 25 2013 4:06pm

Well guys, we have officially made it to the last Italy recap post. Thanks for sticking with me! If you missed any of my previous recaps, I’ve listed them all below.


After we left Amalfi, we drove back up to Rome for a final day and a half. We stayed at the same hotel as we did in the beginning of our trip, only this time my mom and stepdad got a huge suite with a gigantic balcony. #LivingTheDream


View to the right of the balcony…


View to the left of the balcony…



After getting settled a bit, we wandered over to Campo di Fiori, one of my favorite squares in Rome, for a bite to eat. There are so many cute restaurants and bars in this area, and we always have a great time when we go.

We made sure to stop at Sloppy Sams, where Fabio and I went out during our first trip to Rome and then drunkenly walked about an hour back to our hotel.

Note to self: do not do that again.

Anyway, we definitely had to stop at Sloppy Sams again so I could pay my tribute to Sloppytown , of course. Oh, and my mom and stepdad did some more dancing in the square, naturally. See them?


After dinner we headed over to the Trevi Fountain so we could throw a coin in and hope to return to Rome some day (pretty sure that’s going to happen, especially for my mom and stepdad since they are going back during Labor Day!).


It was packed, but beautiful as ever.


Here goes nothing!



For our last day in Italy, we decided to take it easy and just enjoy the day.

We walked around a few churches, including the   Santa Maria Maggiore church  right near our hotel. It was gorgeous.


Almost all the decorations were made up of small mosaic pieces, which was amazing. Check out this detail:


Marble and gold covered every surface. The churches in Italy are just amazing!!


After the churches we wandered into a few antique shops and walked around narrow streets before parking ourselves at a little cafe for some refreshment.


And by some refreshment, I mean a lot.


Check out the size of these beers!




Since we were “taking it easy” for the day, we stayed at the cafe for many hours just drinking and drinking. Hey, when in Rome! We were all pretty tipsy by the afternoon, but we didn’t mind. It was a perfect way to spend our last day.

A little later we changed for our last dinner in Rome! Aren’t the boys handsome?


They got me a rose :)


And then we took a horse and carriage back to the hotel! Such a perfect last evening!


On Friday morning we left our hotel super early to catch our plane home. What a great trip!!!

A couple of notes about our vacation:

  1. A few of you have mentioned that my family gets very dressed up for dinner and that we always look really fancy. My answer: Yep. That’s just how we are! My stepdad spent a lot of time in the UK when he was growing up, and he was taught that after 6:00 pm you’re supposed to “dress” for dinner. That being said, if we go to a remotely fancy place for dinner (which we do, a lot) he will wear a tux. This means that the rest of us have to dress up with him! You might have noticed that Fabio wore his tux some of the time, but only to the fancier places. I don’t mind; I think they look so handsome!
  2. Out of all the places we went on this trip and all the things we saw, I would most highly recommend the hike in Amalfi , the boat ride in Amalfi , and Pompeii . Next time I really want to visit the Pompeii museum in Naples!
  3. I mentioned this briefly earlier, but my mom and stepdad like Italy so much, that they are going back for Labor Day. I know. Hopefully they take us along again soon!

Question of the day: Does your family dress any particular way?

I used to be a bit embarrassed by how dressy my family was, but now I’ve learned to embrace it!

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