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It's Apple Picking Time!

Posted Oct 10 2007 3:45am 4 Comments
After apple picking this year, I prepared the apples as I usually do for a pie-cored, peeled and sliced them but instead of adding sugar or placing them in a crust, I added a little cinnamon and baked them. I feel like I'm eating a delicious apple pie dessert without the calories!!
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It's amazing how such a simple dish can be so delicious. My boyfriend recently taught me the same thing, as well as just boiling slices of ripe peaches with cinnamon in a tad bit of water in a pot. Whether they're baked or in a warm gooey slush, it's really delicious and doesn't make you feel guilty ;) I swear they're much sweeter when cooked!
This sounds wonderful! I'm going to have to try this sometime. Thanks!
Thanks for reminding me. This is something I used to do a longgggg time back,but had stopped doing (cannot even remember why). But I will definitely try it - infact I think I might make it for dessert today. Thanks again.
Desserts can be without sugar and flour!! Thanks for reminding me. I love apples. Granny Apples would be best for this?
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