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It ain't Cheese, People!

Posted by C.L. R.

I used to love a grilled cheese sandwich. So much in fact, that when I would go out to eat and everything else on the menu looked like it might be bad for me, I opted for a grilled cheese. DID NOT KNOW. Ah, and how could I not have realized? The bright orange coloring did not clue me in?

Here's a tip for those of you who are still buying Kraft Singles or Borden or who cares about the brand, you know what I'm talking about - these items are mostly oil. There is very, very little cheese.

Pay the extra dollar. Read the label and get yourself something that is actually cheese.

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I am also a lover of the goo. Here's the sandwich I make at home: 2 slices whole wheat bread Jarlsberg Cheese (Self magazine rated it the "Best in Show Cheese" in terms of calcium, protein, fat, and calories) Parmesan Cheese (more calcium per ounce than any other cheese) Salt / freshly ground Pepper Nutmeg Put it all together and grill in a George Forman (or broil in your oven after you've toasted the bread) You don't need any oil or butter, and these cheese are not only REAL, they are pretty good for you. The nutmeg makes it awesome and totally turns it into comfort food.
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