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It’s an Elmo Birthday

Posted Mar 25 2013 2:03pm

Look what I woke up to this morning…

It seems like whenever the weathermen make a big deal about snow, there is nothing on the ground, and then when they say it will be too warm to stick this happens. Hmm. Annoying.

Jack didn’t seem to mind at all…

He is definitely a snow dog! He pranced around in the snow during our whole walk and was not happy about going back inside. I think he would have been content out there all day!

I, on the other hand, was less than pleased. Isn’t it supposed to be SPRING? You know, with warm weather and pretty flowers? It was so sad seeing the daffodils in my neighborhood covered with snow. Poor flowers.

But anyway, let’s do a little recap of my weekend, shall we?


Friday afternoon around 4:30, my office hosted a little happy hour with beer, wine, and snacks. We all got to sit around and chat with one another, which was quite nice since usually our happy hours only include the junior staff.

It was really fun to sit around with my boss and my boss’ boss, all of whom we are used to talking to in a strictly-professional manner. It’s always nice to share a beer with someone new and get to know them better! I love when my office has little gatherings like this :)

After work I headed home and straightened up the apartment a bit before Fabio got home with two of his coworkers. We all hung out for a while enjoying beer and pizza while watching the March Madness basketball games!

It was pretty fun, but I have to admit I wasn’t too captivated by the games, so I did a little blog reading instead. I’m sure you’re all surprised ;)

At around 10:00 we all headed out to a fun bar a few blocks away called the Continental Pool Lounge . Let me just say that any bar that I can walk to in less than ten minutes is a win in my book!

I originally wasn’t planning to go out since we had a run scheduled in the morning, but Fabio’s coworker Rebecca (who I’ve become really good friends with over a number of double dates and nights out) was celebrating her birthday there and it was just too convenient to pass up. Plus I knew if I limited myself to just a couple of beers I would still be ok for our run.

In the end, we had a lot of fun at the bar and I didn’t even miss the extra drinks. I knew a lot of the people there and I had a great time catching up with everyone. The bar also featured a ton of fun games, like pool, ping pong, and life-sized versions of Connect Four and Jenga! Awesome!

[ Source ]

I used to love playing Connect Four and Jenga growing up, so playing life-size versions in a bar with a ton of close friends was pretty amazing. Great Friday night!


Saturday morning Fabio and I woke up nice and early for our six mile run! We had a fantastic route planned out that took us past the Iwo Jima memorial , Arlington Cemetery, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Georgetown waterfront. Pretty awesome, right?

Although I was nervous about running six miles (the furthest I’ve ever run!) I was pretty excited to get outside and enjoy the sites of DC on a beautiful sunny day.

My goal for the run was to not stop running at all and, apart from a brief set of stairs in Georgetown that were too steep to run up, Fabio and I did an awesome job! Our pace was a bit slower than I would have liked, but I was proud of myself for not really stopping.

When we were in front of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monuments, Fabio started sneakily taking pictures of me.

He said, “Don’t act like you don’t want these for the blog!” Haha! What a goof. He was right, of course.

This one was before I knew he was taking any pictures.

Then I caught on.

Then he ran around me to the other side haha.

Oh the things a blogger’s boyfriend has to go through. Haha!

The run went great and I was really happy with how we did. Woohoo!

After running we headed back home for some much needed protein pancakes and turkey sausage. Oooh yeah. Definitely a delicious breakfast :)

After breakfast we quickly showered up and packed up our stuff so we could spend the rest of the weekend in New York!

Even though we were just in New York last weekend, this time we didn’t venture into the city but stayed in Queens where Fabio’s family lives. Fabio’s niece was celebrating her first birthday and naturally we wanted to be there for the big party!

Before making the drive up to Queens, we stopped in Baltimore to pick up Fabio’s sister Diane and her boyfriend, Alex. With them in the car, we had a very cramped and uncomfortable 4.5 hour drive with four people and a big dog (aka JACK) in the car. Oof. Two people and a dog in the back seat was way too much if you ask me haha.

Once we got there we were starving (those pancakes can only hold you over for so long) so we had a delicious dinner at our favorite Greek place, Gyro World.

The food at Gyro World is always delicious and fresh and we try to stop in every time we visit Fabio’s family. The line is always crazy but they serve you fast and the food is cheap. Plus it’s just sooo good!

We started off with some Greek beers which were tasty and light. Very refreshing after the long drive.

Then we all had some Greek salad to share. Gotta love those grape leaves and chunks of feta cheese!

For my meal I chose, what else, a gyro. It was out of this world and I’m not ashamed to tell you that I ate every last bite. All the ingredients were so fresh and flavorful. Deeeeelish.

After dinner we headed back to Fabio’s dad’s house where we started getting ready for the party. We all helped rearrange the furniture to make room for everyone and we started getting decorations up. We all passed out around midnight, exhausted from the looooong day.


We got to “sleep in” on Sunday and didn’t have to wake up until 9:00. Woo! Haha. Based on the day before, this was a serious luxury! Then we strapped on our sneakers and headed out for another run; this time only three miles long.

Alex and Jack joined us, so we had a nice little running party :) Our pace was pretty good, despite some monstrous hills (though not as bad as the one by my apartment, thank God!).

We spent the rest of the morning getting ready for the party! We had a helium tank that we used to blow up about 50 balloons, and then we blew up another 50ish by hand which we hung in clusters around the ceiling. Everything looked so cute!

The theme was Elmo, which was adorable :)

There was even an Elmo cake, which was super cute!

There was also a ton of great food catered from a local Colombian place (most of Fabio’s family is from Colombia). We enjoyed mimosas with cranberry juice, salads, chicken, rice, beans, and sweet plantains. Everything was delicious!

Fabio and I had a great time chatting with his family, which was really nice since we don’t get to see them too often.

Here’s the birthday girl in action!

And here I am with the girls :)

And then we took some family pictures.

The party went really well and we had such a nice time seeing all of Fabio’s family.

After the cake was cut (poor Elmo!) we headed home since we had a long ride ahead of us. It was a much more peaceful car ride since Jack was exhausted and slept the whole way. We arrived back in Arlington at around 11:00 pm, which wasn’t great, but wasn’t too bad either.

Fabio and I crashed into bed without even unpacking or making lunches for the next day. That’s how you know we were tired! Haha!

Question of the day: Have you ever had a really uncomfortable long car ride?

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