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Invitation To Play: Zoo

Posted Apr 20 2013 5:05pm
on by healthymama

One of my favorite way to homeschool preschool ( and beyond) is to offer invitations to play. You give a child some materials and see what they come up with. You can also make this more structured and give them materials with an assignment, which is how I did it this time.


I gave the kids some CitiBlocks, some wooden animals ( I get these on Etsy, but plastic animals would work, too.) I also gave them  a pile of “food for the animals,” which consisted of fabric carrots, fake flowers and leaves as well as some almonds. I considered using one bunny as food for the fox, but I didin’t want to see anyone in tears, so I decided against it. I gave the kids some of our natural bricks ( a simple piece of wood from the outside would work, too.) My sons brought a pile of cars. I told the kids to “go make a zoo out of this.”

My sons had to first make a parking lot ( of course.) My daughter started giving carrots to bunnies and finally my older son built “cages” for all the animals. He put the owl and the crow on top of  a”tree,” which I thought was very realistic.

Invitation to play- homemade zoo

The kids had a chance to play, build, have fun. They also learned spacial orientation; they learned which animal eats what and they learned how to work as a team on a large project made up of many details.

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