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Instagram-arvelous Weekend

Posted Nov 18 2013 6:21am

Since I have been participating in Heather ‘s Meatless Mondays A-Z for the past year or more, I’ve never had a Monday “free” to link-up to Katie ‘s Marvelous in My Monday…but a break from #MMAZ means a dalliance with #MMIM (now if only I had some M&Ms…) mmazMMIMmm

However, since most of the Marvelous in My Monday posts I see often nostalgically reminisce about the weekend that’s past, rather than celebrate the day ahead (much like What I Ate Wednesday never seems to actually be from a Wednesday), I have gone ahead and said it like it is. instagramarvelous

I’m also making it easy on myself by solely posting pictures from my fake blog, also known as Instagram. IMG_20131115_095937

I’m starting my weekend on Friday. Mostly because that egg and white sweet potato with slightly warm (and shockingly good) local tomatoes made my morning. I cannot even tell you how much I love yolk and potatoes.

Perhaps almost as much as I love free lunch?*

*And brownies… IMG_20131115_161002

Although the rainy weather inspired a stay-at-home-and-never-leave mentality, the Professional Writing Workshop I attended on Friday afternoon was beneficial for more than just one of the best catered vegetarian sandwiches I’ve had. No wilting iceberg and thin slice of tomato with American cheese: Newk’s gives you whole grain bread with goat cheese, pesto, and roasted veggies to sink your teeth into. IMG_20131116_120551

And I did….twice. (OK, three times. Because I got to bring home leftovers for dinner Friday night.) Saturday found me back at school, this time for a WiSE [Women in STEM Experience] Conference, where I had my first experience at a research poster session.*

*For those of you more familiar with elementary school–like me–that translates to “grown up science fair.” IMG_20131116_124141

I may not have won the poster competition, but I DID win a delicious dinner, tag teamed by myself and The Professor: Cajun seasoned tilapia, pan-cooked peppers and onions, puffed tortillas, and leftover Chipotle corn salsa.

I call this Deconstructed Cajun Fish Taco Salad (and a horrible picture). IMG_20131116_190523

Add my overnight oats in an Earthfare crunchy peanut butter jar topped with plum and homemade sunflower seed butter to that mix, and I had a VERY tasty Saturday. IMG_20131116_080926

Sunday brought the first craving for a run I’ve had in weeks.

And also more rain. IMG_20131117_100044

The track may not be quite the same running experience, but post-run hunger is equivalent no matter WHERE you’ve been running. Lunch part one–a pumpkin, goat’s milk and Greek yogurt, toasted oats combination kept my stomach grumbling at bay until second lunch. IMG_20131117_113409

I don’t know why all I wanted was Panera, but thankfully my friend Elizabeth was willing to go. (And didn’t tell me until later that she’d just eaten there yesterday.)  IMG_20131117_124311

Autumn Squash Soup, you are delicious….and although the vegan Pumpkin Molasses Oat Cookies for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap are more like DOUGH cookies, they are delicious as well. IMG_20131117_154332

Once the oven was on, it seemed only fitting to tackle the mountain of turnips left from the mountain of turnip greens I dealt with last weekend. IMG_20131117_171924

What did I do with them? Well, maybe I should keep that for What I Ate WednesWheneverday?

MARVELOUS plan, I think! :)

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