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In a Workout Rut?

Posted Nov 16 2011 12:00am

Hey everyone!!!! I LOVED your responses to my last post

I just wanted to pop in here to give you guys some of the workout i’ve done lately… I’ve had a lot of fun making these up and doing them… so if you’re in a bit of a workout rut… try these out!

.25 mile FAST run

Crunches for 1 minute

.25 mile FAST run

Reverse crunches 1 minute

.25 mile FAST run

Tricep dips 1 minute

.25 mile FAST run

Plank 1 minute

REPEAT the circuit one more time! It may look easy, but thats about 2 miles of sprinting + body weight exercises!

TABATA treadmill run:

5 min warmup at 5mph

1 minute 8mph

40 seconds 5mph


30 seconds 9mph

30 seconds 5mph


20 seconds 10mph

10 seconds 5mph


+ total body strength

butterfly crunches x30

reverse crunches x30

penguins x30

1 minute plank

30 second side planks each side

bicycle crunches x30

1 minute plank

pushups on knees x20

tricep dips x20

lunges x15 each leg

sumo squats x20

squats 5 regular 5 pulse until you reach 20

leg raises x20 each leg

hip raises x20

5 min jog at 5mph

1 minute 8mph

1 minute 5mph

1 minute 7mph

1 minute 6mph 

x 4

+ Weights

Superset 1:

Shoulder press x8-12 reps

Chest press x8-12 reps


Superset 2:

Leg press x8-12 reps

Assisted pull ups x8-12 reps


Superset 3: 

Body weight squats x20 with pulse intervals

Jump squats x20


Okay! Those are 3 great workouts that I hope you guys can try out… Let me know how they go via Twitter or in the comments section!

Questions of the Day:

What new workouts have you been loving lately?

What body part do you love working out the most?

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