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If You Can Make Bacon, You Can Cook Tempeh Like A Man

Posted Dec 12 2011 5:00am
I'm not going to lie. I was getting truly and fully fed up with all this Mustache growing for "Prostate Cancer Awareness". Seriously. Isn't it safe to say we all know it's there. I wonder if all these people raising the funds for the cause give a thought to where the moolah is actually going. That's how this whole idea started. My dad, as you probably know, has prostate cancer. Since his diagnosis, he took a leap and chose to clean up his act- giving up foods that were once favourites, the burgers and fries, coffee and bagels and raise a green glass of veggie juice to living a healthier lifestyle moving forward. The sad bit is that it took the big C diagnoses for my dad to realize that some changes were needed. This should be the way. We should embrace healthy living as a luxury and love to partake. It is neither torture nor punishment. We have the supreme opportunity to choose the foods we eat, so why wouldn't we want to due ourselves the respect we deserve and choose the very, very best to avoid the diseases of our times, instead of wait until... My dad's friends and colleagues kept asking him what he was doing. He had lost 25 pounds, the inflammation from his arthritis had nearly vanished after 20 years of suffering and the cancer was showing no sign of making any sudden moves beyond the prostate (Though sadly, the most recent biopsy did reveal a slight growth in the cancer- though the docs say it may have been like that before.) They have no way of knowing for sure, just as we have no way of knowing what my dad's health status would be had he not embraced these vital lifestyle changes. My dad suggested I do a class for the guys. This was a brilliant idea. I knew these guys needed the info- but also knew there was no way any one of them would come on their own and sit in my pink kitchen with a mostly female population.
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