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If Bodies Could Talk…

Posted Mar 30 2011 12:00am

“Hey Lady, I gave you that butt for a reason-please let me protect my bones!”

“I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU- yippee! Healthy vitamins to help me function!”

“Okay, MISTER- I could use a little play time!”

“I’m dying here!- PLEASE. LET ME. SLEEEEEP!”

“Seriously? I guess it’s time to kick myself into high gear- Operation eat all my muscles: BEGIN”

“Excuse me Miss, but if you go for another minute I’m going to have to injure you so you know to STOP”

“If you had fed me all day instead of starve me, I would have been fine: but now I’m forced to try and process all this junk and just give you a big ol’ tummy ache”

“YAY! Now I can make my skin and hair all nice!”

“I’m rumbling for a REASON!”



It’s important to listen to our bodies. Even though it would be great if we could truly talk to them, we can’t. It does its best to tell us what it needs- to function.

Would you listen to your friend if she told you to move out of the way before getting hit by that bus? Yep-thought so.

So why aren’t people listening to their stomach when it’s raging with hunger?

Why aren’t people eating that chocolate if their body is really craving it?

Why aren’t people taking a light day of exercise or taking a day off when they’re truly feeling sluggish?

Trust yourself- you won’t let go of ‘control’ if you stay in tune with your body.  It will tell you when to eat, when to stop, when to exercise and when enough is enough.

We are living, breathing animals-

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