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I was informed the other day (no...

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:17pm

starter.jpg I was informed the other day (not the first time either) that my bread is too sour. This even though a great deal of the sour is reduced by my judicious use of the acid removing properties of baking soda. I asked Shari why she thought it was too sour since she does like some sourdough breads. She said it was too sharp. Yes, it is somewhat reminiscent of lemon flavored bread.

I have occasionally succeeded in making less sour bread by feeding my starter a lot and refrigerating the bread dough and things, but I finally decided to try culturing a new starter. I received Peter Reinhart ’s Crust and Crumb for Christmas, so I set about to follow his directions for a mild starter. The key for a mild starter is to have a very firm starter, more like bread dough. My starters in the past have all been more like pancake batter.

My old starter was cultured with rye flour from a bag - non-organic. Peter recommends using organic flour for at least the initial batch of starter since more yeasts and bacteria live on the surface of organic grains. This starter is made with my home ground wheat instead of rye.

I was really impressed when after 48 hours it was already doubling in size! This could be the best thing to happen to my bread yet. (The tape is the height it was when I put it in the cup.) By Sunday it should be tripling.

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