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I’ve been looking at the New Yor...

Posted Sep 13 2008 12:29am

I’ve been looking at the New York Times’ recently published no-knead bread recipe that is sweeping the net. I was considering trying this with a Pyrex pan. It seems that there are some people who have tried this with success.

Here is a word of warning from Wikipedia’s entry on Pyrex:

Pyrex, while more resistant to thermal shock than other types of glass, should never be subject to drastic or uneven temperature changes, such as when taken from the oven and placed on the stove elements (an excellent heat conductor) to cool, or immersed in cold water when hot. This can crack or shatter the dish. [ citation needed ]

However, recent reports suggest that due to the change in manufacturing, [1] notwithstanding the claims made for Pyrex, the glassware can shatter violently and unexpectedly, even when used in accordance with manufacturers instructions. [3] Claims have been made of severe personal injury during these events. Some reports have suggested that older Pyrex was not as susceptible to these problems as currently produced Pyrex. It is unknown whether this has anything to do with the recent change in ownership and location of manufacture of the Pyrex brand.

I’ll be trying this with a stainless steel sauce pan since I don’t have a non-pyrex casserole dish. There are reports of this being successful.

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