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I'm a college student who is interested in eating healthy. I like to cook but I don't have that much time with my hectic schedu

Posted by jsparker

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I have a hectic schedule during the week, so I cook at weekends and freeze portions- things like curry, chilli and pasta meals all freeze and reheat well. I just take it out to thaw in the morning. Other quick meals to throw together I use a lot are stir-fries, omelettes and various sandwiches/wraps.
Thanks for your suggestions rfs. I am also really interested in gluten-free recipes so I will definitely check out the ebook!

hey js, 

when I was a student, my roomate and I would print off a recipe that we would want to make a week in advance, so we would have time to schedule, shop and prepare for a dinner.  Then we would cook enough to last a few days.  Also I found a cookbook I really like with several "gluten free" recipes along with other "natural" recipes.  Its an ebook, which is good be cause you can just print off what recipe you want.  I purchased it from this link


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