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I love leftovers

Posted Dec 21 2012 9:00am

My husband will almost never eat leftovers. Nor will he put them into something he's cooking. I, on the other hand, love leftovers, and will eat them straight up or combine them with other ingredients into something new. It makes me sad to find a small container of moldy leftover food in the back of the refrigerator knowing it could have been turned into something delicious. Here are a few uses to which I've recently put leftovers. Above you can see some leftover Thai coconut curry that was combined with a big bunch of bok choy to make a delicious side dish.

In the bowl, toasted sunflower seeds, green onions, parsley, and shredded carrots were added to leftover rice. A dressing of lemon-tahini made it into a satisfying lunch.

Could this be taco salad? A big mound of mixed greens topped with tortilla chips, leftover beans, smoked provalone (from Artisan Vegan Cheese), and salsa made a great lunch.

Are you wondering what to do with the last slice of your beet loaf? You could toast some corn tortillas on the gas burner until they are crisp (try not to burn them!), spread on the beet loaf, the last of the smoked provalone, and top it with sriracha if you happen to be out of salsa. Tasty tostadas will be your reward. These would be even better with shredded lettuce and olives, but I was clearing out the fridge before going out of town and using up what we had. Still tasted great!

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