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I bought a bike!

Posted Jan 28 2013 1:40pm

Hello there! Happy Monday (yeah…right). I was hoping to work from home today since there was supposed to be a massive ice storm, but like usual the weather men exaggerated everything and I had to head in to work this morning like usual. Womp womp.

Oh well, even though it’s a dreary Monday morning over here I had a fantastic weekend, so let’s jump right into a recap!


On Friday after work, I headed over to Cava to meet a few of Fabio’s coworkers for a triple date! Cava is a Mediterranean tapas restaurant with a ton of delicious plates for sharing (it seems like I have been loving tapas lately , huh?).

I had been dying to try Cava for a long time, especially since it’s only a few blocks from my apartment and I’ve had a bunch of friends rave about how good it is. Every time I told someone that I live really close to Cava but had never been there, I got the same shocked reaction- You’ve never been to Cava?!?

Finally, now I can say I have!

I started off the evening by ordering a glass of sparkling white sangria with apples. Yummm.

It had a light, fruity taste and was actually pretty strong. One of my favorite parts about the drink was the alcohol-soaked apples at the bottom. De-lish. Fabio ordered a cucumber martini which was also really tasty. It tasted just like a cucumber and wasn’t too strong at all. I definitely recommend both of these drinks if you ever go to Cava!

While I sipped on my drink, I ate some warm pita bread with tzatziki sauce. Yumm.

For our main meal, each couple ordered 2-3 small plates and then we passed everything around to share. There was plenty of steak, chicken, lamb, and meatballs to go around!

One of the dishes we ordered was “crazy feta” which is described as jalepeño-infused feta mousse made with the finest imported Greek feta. The best part about this dish is that they light it on fire before they bring it to the table so that the feta gets all warm and gooey.

Every now and then you could tell when a table ordered the “crazy feta” because all of a sudden you’d see a big ball of fire. It was so cool!

I think my favorite plate of the night though has to be the “lolipop chicken,” which is fried chicken with honey, walnuts and tzatziki sauce. It was seriously so delicious and I could have eaten nothing but this dish and been happy. Yum!

After dinner we debated about whether to go out, but it was pretty snowy and we were all tired so we went our separate ways. I had so much fun with Fabio’s coworkers and their dates!!

When Fabio and I got home, we watched two episodes of Dexter (we are up to season 5!) and then passed out. It was a perfect Friday evening in my book :)


On Saturday morning Fabio and I took Jack on a nice long walk through the snow. Jack just loves running around in the snow, so we let him off the leash for a bit.

Of course he found a stick to drag around ;)

Silly pup!

Once we got back home we were hungry, so Fabio cooked us up some breakfast. I had one egg and one egg white on an English muffin with one piece of turkey bacon. It definitely hit the spot.

After breakfast we quickly got ready and then headed over to my dad’s house. From there we piled into the car and headed off to do some bike shopping!

As I mentioned on Friday , Fabio, Fabio’s dad, my dad, and I will all be biking 40 miles around New York in May. I have a bike at my dad’s house that I thought would work for me, but after taking a closer look, I realized it was too small for me (I got it when I was around 10 yeard old I think). Drat.

Fabio doesn’t have a bike at all, so once I realized we both needed new bikes we immediately headed off to the bike store!

The first bike store we went to had a few decent hybrid bikes for $300. Fabio and I didn’t love the bikes though, and we wanted to do some research before we made a decision.

From there we headed to another bike store, which unfortunately didn’t have anything good. At this point we headed back to my dad’s house to do some research online. I found a new Reebok women’s hybrid bike on Craig’s List for $200, so I immediately contacted the seller. We didn’t hear back for a while, so I kind of thought it wouldn’t work out.

Eventually I did hear back from her, and we agreed to meet the next day so I could look at the bike. Success!

By this point it was time for dinner! My uncle cooked up some chicken and rice for us, and I gobbled it all up. This was a goooood dinner.

Then I proceeded to take pictures of my sister, of course!

Hi Nicole! (Lucky girl got to sleep in today because her school has a two-hour delay! I’m jealous!)

After dinner I had to rush home to meet my friends for a night out in DC! Bianca (in the middle) has her 24th birthday on Wednesday so we went out on Saturday to celebrate.

My friend Daria (on the left) was there too!

Happy birthday, Bianca!!

We wound up going to McFadden’s since they were having a January birthday special, and we had a really fun time dancing and hanging out. I’m so glad I could be there for Bianca to celebrate her birthday!!


Fabio spent the night at a friend’s house on Saturday and when he came home on Sunday morning he brought a surprise for me…fresh baked rosemary bread!

What a sweetie!! The bread was delicious- crusty on the outside and soft on the inside- and we had some for breakfast with an egg. So tasty!

After breakfast we went out to do some more bike shopping, and stopped in two more stores.

One store let us test-ride the bikes on a nearby path, so Fabio and I had some fun biking around. Too bad he got his finger in the way of this picture below…

The funniest part is I kept saying “I think your finger is in the way!” and yet this is how the picture came out anyway. Woops. Haha!

After going to the last two bike stores, we decided to check out Target to see if they had any better options. They did have a few cheaper bikes, but they weren’t as good quality as the others.

In the end, I think Fabio will be buying a used $300 Trek bike (great brand for a good price) and I decided to buy the bike off of Craig’s List. A cute blue Reebok bike for only $200? How can it get any better?

What do you guys think?

Oh also, we may or may not have made a pit stop at Taco Bell for lunch. I hardly ever get fast food (and definitely never Taco Bell) but Fabio convinced me and I gave in this once. I ate a cheesy gordita crunch and man was it good!

I’m definitely back on the healthy eating wagon today though!

Question of the day: How many bike stores would you go to before making a decision? Would you buy the first one you see that looks good, or do your research to make sure you are getting the best deal?

Also, do you ever eat fast food?

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